Crucible of Storms Tactics: Uu´nat, Harbringer of the Void


When she struck her bargain with N´Zoth ten thousand years ago, Quessn Azshara offered one of her most devoted followers into the Old God´s service. Now Uu´nat and the crawling masses he commands herald the coming of their master, as foretold by the stars.

Abilities and Tacitcs

The 3 Relics

The Relics from first boss will be used on this encounter.

These Relics are used by one person for each Relic to be used for the fight.

  • Void Stone (Healers)
    - Only healers can pick this one up.
    - Use it when you need to clear pools in phase 1,2 and 3. Run to shadow circle in the edge if you still have the shield.
    - Remember that you drop it once you used it and cannot use it during 1 min.
    Tip: Use it when 2 or more pools are on the ground. 

  • Trident of Deep Ocean (Tanks)
    - Only tanks can pick it up.
    - Use it when you need to protect the raid from the eye beams on phase 1
    - Use it when you need to protect the raid from incoming dmg from adds on phase 2.
    - Use it when you need to protect the raid from the eye beams on phase 1.
    - Remember that you drop it once you used it and cannot use it during 2 min.
    Tip: Use is on the second time beam passes the platform. 

  • Tempest Caller (Dps)
    - Only Dps can pick it up.
    - Use it when Guardian add(s) are below 25% Health which instant kills them in phase 1, 2 and 3. But it also dmg to raid and kills any player below 25% health as well.
    - Remember that you drop it once you used it and cannot use it during 30 sec.
    Tip: Use it when 2 Guardians are up. 

Phase 1 – His All-Seeing Eyes

  • In first phase you will encounter the boss and an add that spawns from time to time.
  • You will use the healing relic to remove pools.
  • You will use the tank relic to bubble from eye beams.
  • You will use dps relic to instantly kills add(s) when below 25% health.
  • HEROIC MODE: You will dodge swirl pools and only soak them when the orb bounces a second time – soak the swirl.

Touch of the End (Tanks)

  • A frontal Cone shadow dmg (130k Hc Mode).
  • This leaves a debuff that does dmg every 3 sec for 30 sec.
  • The debuff will also Aggro the add that spawns in phase 1.

Tactics: Touch of the End (Tanks)

  • Tank boss facing away from raid.
  • Tank swap every time because the add cannot be close to the boss (99% dmg reduction).
  • Run to the side when you have the debuff and tank the add.
  • Swap when the other tank has the debuff instead.

Oblivion Tear

  • Purple pools on the ground that does very high shadow dmg to players in contact with them.
  • 1% extra boss health every time a player touches a pool as well.

Tactics: Oblivion Tear

  • You will get overloaded with these pools, so they must be soaked in a special way.
  • The healer with the Relic “Void Sone” MUST use the Umbra Shell Ability and soak the pools.
  • This ability will do 2 things:
  • It will put an absorb bubble on the player that carries the Void Stone.
  • It will make everyone take 100% reduced healing until the absorb bubble is removed from the player with the Void Stone.
  • Run to shadow circle in the edge if you still have the shield.

Void Crash (HEROIC MODE)

  • This is similar to the first boss. Void orbs will bounce around ( a swirl pool on the ground).
  • The first bounce does high/deadly dmg if a player is hit.
  • The orb is smaller on the second bounce and the dmg is reduced as well when a player is hit.
  • The dmg and size reduction occurs only once.
  • A player must be hit in order to remove the orb.

Tactics: Void Crash (HEROIC MODE)

Wait until the orb is smaller and soak the swirl/orb.

Eyes of N´Zoth

Two things can happen

Maddening Eye

  • Several eyes blast the platform.
  • Players hit will take shadow dmg and become hostile for 8 sec. NOT MIND CONTROLLED.

Piercing Gaze

  • Two eye Beams spawns from the sides of the platform.
  • These two beams move along the platform.

Tactics: Eyes of N´Zoth

Maddening Eye

  • Dodge the blast by moving fast away.
  • If hit, you will still be able to play your character. Make sure not to attack your raid and also not to take dmg from them.

Piercing Gaze

  • Players will be hit by this beam, BUT the tank Relic will help out.
  • Tanks must use the relic ability Custody of the Deep which creates a bubble on the ground.
  • 75% of the dmg taken is redirected to the bubble.
  • Players must be inside the bubble when the beams pass them.

Gift of N´Zoth: Obscurity

The boss has an energy bar.

When reaching 100 energy, all players will take shadow dmg (70k Hc Mode).

Boss will also spawn a big shadow ring around the platform that does dmg when touching it.  

Every time he does it, the ring makes the platform smaller and smaller.

Tactics: Gift of N´Zoth: Obscurity

Make sure to always check when this happens. Especially when it is time to use the dps Relic that kills anyone below 25% health.

It will be tight of space in the end of the phase 1, beware.

Add – Undying Guardian

This add will reduce boss dmg taken by 99% if the add is within 10 yards of the boss.

This add wont die when reaching 1% health. It heals for 1% every 1 sec and increases over time.

Tactic: Add – Undying Guardian

Off tank tanks the add(s) on the side, NOT on boss.

When first add comes up, have 2-3 dpsers focusing on the adds, while the rest of the dps just focus on boss instead.

Take down the add to 25% then stop dps on the add.

When second add comes, take down second add to 25%.

Use the Tempest Caller Relic which instantly kills the adds (BEWARE: also does dmg to raid and any player/enemy add below 25% health dies). 

Phase 2 – His Dutiful Servants

  • In phase 2 you will still have the tank swap ability and the shadow pool on the ground (Oblivion Tear) that must be soaked by healer with the Relic.
  • The main encounter is the 3 different adds that spawns and the new Gift when reaching 100 energy (Hysteria). This gift will instead heal all adds for 75% health and a permanent 50¤ extra movement speed.
  • This phase is all about handling the adds the right way.

There are 3 types of adds

Primordial Mindbender

  • 3 of them will spawn every minute.
  • This add casts Consume Essence that does dmg to every player and get to full health. This can be interrupted.
  • When dead – Spawns loads of Swarming Voidspawn that does dmg to all players (within 100y) when they die.

Unknowable Terror

  • This add can´t be seen but it is inside the darkness outside the platform.
  • When spawned, it will do an AoE dmg and fear everyone for 8 sec.
  • The side of the platform were the add is will be marked before it happens.

Undying Guardian

Same as phase 1.

Tactics: The 3 adds

  • Mindbenders
    Full focus on theses adds when they spawn.
    Interrupt them and kill them one by one.
    Kill the adds that spawn, then go to next Mindbender.

    HEROIC MODE (if needed)
    Pool them together and nuke them down to 25% health.
    Use the Dps Relic (Tempest) to finish them off.

    Make sure all 3 adds have 25% health so you do not have any adds when they die. 

  • Guardians
    The same 2-3 dpsers from phase 1 that were attacking the Guardians will fo the same on this phase.
    After 2 Guardians are up and below 25% health, use the tempest relic. 

  • Terror
    Run away from the marked zone when the Terror spawns.

Phase 3 – His Unwavering Gaze

This phase is similar to phase 1 in general but with a nasty ability (Insatiable Torment).

In the last phase you will still have

  • The tank swap ability (Touch of the End)
  • The Shadow pool (Oblivion Tear) that must be soaked by healer with Relic.
  • HEROIC MODE: The Eye Beam from phase 1, in which the tank with relic must put down the bubble for the raid.
  • The Guardian add is back.

There are 2 new abilities in this phase

Instead of Hysteria that healed add, the boss will now have Lunacy when reaching full energy, that cause all players to become hostile (NOT Mind Controlled) for 4 sec.

Tanks beware and use defensive before boss reaches 100 energy. You will not be healed for 4 sec.

Healers beware and make sure raid is topped up before boss reaches 100 energy. 

A new ability called Insatiable Torment which marks a player and reduce healing by 100%.
This player will also take shadow dmg every 1 sec.
This player will also take health from players within 5 yards every 2 sec.

Beware that you will not be healed at all during this time. 
Run into melee when needed to heal up from time to time. 

Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism on this last phase.


16 Apr 2019