How to get ALL Conduits FAST & increase the ilvl

You can now get all conduits in the game super fast. Well it is super fast if you have a character that has obtained Renown 80, that is the requirement. 

You can also get all the conduits up to ilvl 200. 

How does it work:

1) Log on your character that needs the conduits (no need to log on the character with the 80 Renown. 

2) Go to the top floor in Oribos and talk to the NPC Au´Dara next to the flight master. 

3) Buy the new item called Incense of Infinity. Costs 500 gold. 

4) Use it on your character or send it to any alt character (the item is bind on account).

5) The character with the item travels to your covenant and uses the item at your Forge of Bonds (the conduit machine). You have now learned all conduits and increased the item level of all conduits. 

17 Dec 2021