Conditional List

actionbar:1/.../6 or bar:1/.../6 — Given action bar page is selected
bonusbar:5 — The possess bar is active (controlling a vehicle or another player)
button:1/.../5/<virtual click> or btn:1/.../5/<virtual click> — Macro activated with the given mouse button
channeling:<spell name> — Channeling the given spell
combat — In combat
dead — Target is dead
nodead - Target isn't dead
equipped:<item type> or worn:<item type> — item type is equipped (item type can be an inventory slot, item type, or item subtype)
exists — Target exists
flyable — In a zone where the player can use a flying mount (with some exceptions, like Wintergrasp during a battle, where [flyable] would be true even though actual flight is prohibited).
flying — Mounted or in flight form AND in the air
group: party/raid — You are in the given type of group
harm — Can cast harmful spells on the target
help — Can cast helpful spells on the target
indoors — if indoors
modifier: shift/ctrl/alt or mod:shift/ctrl/alt — Holding the given key
mounted — if mounted
outdoors — if outdoors
party — Target is in your party
pet:<pet name or type> — The given pet is out
raid — Target is in your raid/party
spec:1/2 — Currently active talents
stance:0/1/2/.../n or form:0/.../n — In a stance
stealth — Stealthed
swimming — if swimming
unithasvehicleui — The target of the macro has vehicle UI
vehicleui — The player has vehicle UI