Complete Trading post 10 Minutes When a New Trading Post Month Starts

This guide will go through the best way to complete Trading Post Traveler's Log tasks to reach the monthly Trading Post reward in just 10 minutes once the new month is live. 

Preparing Before the Month Starts

Before a new trading post month, there are some preparations to do. You do this some day(s) before the new month starts. 

Step 1: Weekly Quests

- Take the weekly quest "Aiding the Accord" in Valdrakken, Emerald Dream, and Zaralek Cavern. Complete these quests but **do not turn them in** until the new Trading Post month starts. These quests will provide reputation, Flightstones, Crests, a gear piece, and count towards the quest completion on the Traveler's Log.

Step 2: Crafting Orders

- Have a character ready to craft something simple from the crafting order auction house. Make sure you have prepared the materials needed.

- Make 10 crafting orders from an alt character or ask a guildie/friend to make them. **Do not complete these crafting orders until the new Trading Post month starts**.

Step 3: Profession Quests

- Take the two profession quests and complete them, but **do not turn them in** until the new Trading Post month starts.

Step 4: Additional Quests

- Complete other quests with different characters, but **do not turn them in**. You can use multiple characters, even from level 1, as the quest completions will add up.

- There are tasks to complete 10 quests, 25 Quests and 50 Quests. 

When a New Trading Post Month is Live

- Turn in all the quests and crafting orders that you prepared. If there are any tasks you did not prepare, you can still earn extra points by completing tasks near the world boss and queuing up directly when you log in.

- The time it takes to turn in all these quests depends on whether you have different characters spread out to turn them in or if you have to fly around the world with one character to complete them all.

5 Mar 2024