Helping our Community

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and other World of Warcraft Creatures,

If I ask you this;

Now you have made a character, searched the internet for how to do it, and what to do and mostly what not to do, watched YouTube till your glasses just said 'nope' we are done now. You should be ready to go raiding and get into high end mythic keys right?

If you are lucky yes.

IF not so lucky or a little intimidated, ( it is the internet after all and unfortunately people are not always nice), then where do you go for help?

For those people that struggle and are not so comfy in the let’s look for a key run as everyone else seems to be, there is a place now.

You can come to me ♥♥♥


YES, so grab a beer or wine or whatever your poison is, take a seat and I’ll explain :)

Let’s start at the beginning, World of Warcraft has a lot to offer, but it is also human nature to play with friends and try to better yourself, because if not, what is the point right?

This is not as easy as it sounds,  if you an amazing raider with a million i.o rating, good on you, pls sit and read, we need your help :) For those that form a party for a mythic key and write in the description, 'Pls help I have no clue'  It’s you we are doing this for :)

Everyone can use the tools blizzard gave us, but not everyone is cut out for that. Don’t be mistaken, this is not a guild with all kinds of things you need to be doing.  This will be a group of people hanging out together, like we used to do on Fridays in the pub after work. ( if this is a foreign concept to you, find friends on Netflix ^^)


The aim is to let everyone practice and get used to the dungeons (mythic and mythic+)

We help you with practicing and trying out, even make mistakes and then know why it was a mistake, if you’re a healer, ranged dps, melee dps, tank in mythic and mythic +


We like to accomplish this by just making groups with players that want to help, learn, or just have a blast. ( booze and whatever else you prefer highly recommended) When it comes to keys timing them is not the goal, clearly it is a good thing, but if you wipe the raid, you wiped the raid and we go at it again :)

No harm done, no judging will be done and also not entirely unimportant, no required.

I am thinking M0 or m+ for practicing roles and

  • 5+ dungeons for achievement.
  • 10+ dungeons for achievement.
  • 15+ dungeons for achievement.


Same idea really, practice, have fun and see where we end up:)

The method I’m thinking of trying out is.

Normal mode raid part or full clear.

Heroic mode raid part of full clear.

See if higher ilvl players wants to come and help.   ( I have cookies)


We help players clear different layers in Torghast and Torghast Twisting corridor.

We help getting and completing highest layers in Torghast and Torghast Twisting corridor for maximum rewards. And by we I mean you and me  but that’s just a given  :)

This we can do by making 2-5 player groups and throw in some insanely high geared people.


Some like PVE, some like PVP, one thing most of us agree on is battlegrounds are the most efficient way of gearing, its fast, you can do at lvl low ilvl and get honor, buy the gear and upgrade that way, and most of all, its great fun, 5-6 people in a party, jumping  in Alterac Valley, just imagine how that will sound like if we are all on a voice program :)


No Raider IO score required.

No achievements required.

No judgements towards other players.

Gear is based on what characters are in the raid / dungeon / Torghast.  For example, if low geared, then yes if we have higher geared /overgeared players that help.

Bring a nice lets party mood,  drink and a snack and lets have some fun already 


I am in the process of setting this up and by this, I mean the community which I have talked about this whole time, so let me list what we can use already:

Since I intend this to be a: we do this all together, anything you want to help me with
(guides, information, tactics to try out ) yes pls! Tell me,  I will have room for your input on the website too, let’s talk.


Community runs every Friday and/or Monday. On Saturdays I play wow and variety games with anyone that wants to hang out.


A fast way to contact each other, ask questions, look for other players to run stuff with is of course Discord. I have added some extra channels there now.


In game - Another way to contact each other, ask questions, look for other players to run stuff with is inside the actual game. I have re-activated out worldofmoudi channel. Enter the link below and you get a quick access to joining the in-game community.