Command Table And Naval Mission Guide

After building a Garrison Shipyard and your first Ship, players can now start with their Naval Missions. (Click here to see How to make a shipyard)

You will get a quest called “Naval Commander” that your Shipyard Foreman will handle out.
This will take you back to your garrison command table and eventually leading to the creation of a command table in your shipyard.

The Shipyard Command table looks similar to the Garrison Town Hall Command table.
You have 2 tabs: Map and Fleet

Map: Shows you the map of Draenor and can have various icons on it which are the different missions, Naval missions.
Fleet: Is exactly like your follower tab. Here you can see the different ships you have and what rarity the ships are and also what special traits they have.

The command table works in a special way.

  • There are fog over some areas (you can still see the missions and rewards) and you cannot choose those missions.
  • When mouse over a mission in the fog, some other banner missions will glow. This means that the glowing missions are blockades that needs to be completed first.

When completing glowing missions. The fog will disappear and you can do those missions now.

Going on missions will cost you Garrison Oil, instead of resources.

To send ships on Naval Missions works the same way as you garrison command table.
Choose the mission and then drag your ship into the hole and a percentage will show how big the success chance is.

When adding ships to a mission, there is a success chance in percentage, just like the follower missions.

The big difference between follower missions and naval missions are:
If you do not succeed your naval missions, there is a 50% chance that your ship will get destroyed!

Yellow icons = Training missions which rewards Xp and blueprints
Alliance/Horde banners = Blockade missions which rewards openings to more missions
Combat icon = Combat missions which rewards higher amount of Xp and different loot.
Treasure icon = Treasure missions, which rewards gold or epic loot or Apexis crystals and much more

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