Castle Nathria - All fated Affixes for each boss

Castle Nathria is the first fated raid out now in season 4. All raids have shown the exact same fated affixes on each boss this week. We don´t know if it will change next time Castle Nathria is fated. 

The Raid Affixes

There are 4 Affixes and here is a quick summary of what they do. 

Fated Power: Chaotic Essence

An essence spawns and once you interact with it it will spawn loads of waves of adds. The more adds you kill the more buffed your raid gets.  

Fated Power: Creation Spark

Players get a debuff, once the debuff is dispelled, those players spits out pools on the ground that must be soaked. 
If you soak , you get buffed. 
If you don´t soak, you don´t get buffed. 

Fated Power: Protoform Barrier

An absorb shield spawns and must be broken. Players that help breaking it down gets a buff. Healers can heal the NPC. 

Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter

An add spawns that must be interpted and killed. Once killed, your raid gets buffed. 

Castle Nathria - Each boss Affix

  • Shriekwing -  Creation Spark
  • Huntsman Altimor -  Reconfiguration Emitter
  • Hungering Destroyer-  Protoform Barrier
  • Inerva -  Creation Spark
  • Xy'mox -  Chaotic Essence
  • Sun King Salvation -  Protoform Barrier
  • Council of Blood -  Reconfiguration Emitter
  • Sludgefist -  Chaotic Essence
  • Stone Legion Generals -  Creation Spark
  • Denathrius -  Reconfiguration Emitter


3 Aug 2022