Become a flying whelpling in 10.1.7 - Challenge Course

Dragonriding Racing is a heart-pounding activity  that challenges players to push their flying skills to the limit on a variety of captivating and demanding courses. Introduced as part of the Dragonflight expansion, this feature allows players to participate in thrilling races that take place throughout the majestic Dragon Isles.

With the release of the highly anticipated 10.1.7 update, Dragonriding Racing has received an exciting expansion. Alongside the existing three levels - normal, advanced, and reverse (advanced) - two new levels have been introduced: Challenge Course and Reverse Challenge Course. These new levels take the already intense competition to a whole new level.

In the newly introduced Challenge Course and Reverse Challenge Course, players must prepare for the ultimate test of their Dragonriding skills. Unlike previous levels, where extra assistance such as vigor charges and speed boosts were available, these new difficulty levels strip away any additional aids. Players must now rely solely on their mastery of normal dragonriding vigor, with no room for error or reliance on external assistance.

Unleash Your Dragonriding Skills: The Dragonriding Challenge

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure with the Dragonriding Challenge: Dragon Isles: Bronze achievement. This prestigious meta achievement requires players to achieve at least a Bronze rating in both the challenge and reverse challenge modes across all six exciting zones: Waking Shores, Ohn'aran Plains, Azure Span, Thaldraszus, Forbidden Reach, and Zaralek Cavern.


Claim Your Reward: The Bronze Racer's Pennant

For those who conquer this formidable meta achievement, a magnificent reward awaits: The Bronze Racer's Pennant.


This delightful toy, with a cooldown of 5 minutes, will transport you to new heights of joy and exhilaration. When activated, you will transform into an adorable whelping and take to the skies, showcasing your dragonriding prowess "with style". While in whelping form, you will have the ability to hover gracefully, adding an extra touch of elegance to your airborne adventures.



Soar High and Master the Challenge

Embrace the thrill of the Dragonriding Challenge and prove your mettle as a skilled dragonrider. Complete the Bronze level challenges in each zone, conquer the reverse challenges, and claim your well-deserved reward. It's time to spread your wings, take flight, and experience the sheer joy of soaring through the skies in the most stylish and enchanting way possible.

11 Aug 2023