Change Colors of Cavern Delver's Gear Set with Ambrosial Sporestone!

The Cavern Delver's Gear was reintroduced in patch 10.1 and is a diverse transmog set that varies in appearance between cloth, leather, mail, and plate armor types. Additionally, the set has varying gear power depending on its source, resulting in six unique versions of the set to collect.

You get the gear from the Time Rifts event, Time Rift gear vendor and some pieces from the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon. 


You get some of the gear from the Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon and a full set transmog when completing the achievement “Put that Thing Back where it came from”. 


You get the gear from World Quests and World Drops


You get the gear from the Campaign


You get the gear from Suffusion Camps and PvP


You get the gear from Treasures and Unique Creatures

Change Colors of Cavern Delver´s Gear

A new item is added to the 10.1.7 patch that will change colors on your Cavern Delver´s Gear. The item is called Ambrosial Sporestone which when used will unlock additional visual effects for the Cavern Delver´s Gear set appearances. 

It is not known yet on how to get this item, but i will post it here on and on my twitter as soon as I know. 

23 Jul 2023