Buy Ottuk Mounts with no Renown Requirement

There are 2 mounts sold by an NPC vendor called Tattukiaka, located in Iksaara, The Azure Span (se map).

This vendor has 2 Ottuk mounts for sale, but it´s not for gold. Instead, he wants following:

Ivory Trader´s Ottuk


Thunderous Downburst Ring

Drops from The Raging Tempest boss in The Nokhud Offensive. 

Unstable Arcane Loop

Drops from Leymor in The Azure Vault Dungeon. 

Platinum Star Band

Drops from Vexamus in Algeth´ar Academy Dungeon. 

Iskaara Trader´s Ottuk


1 Terror´s Captive Core

Drops from Terros boss in the Vault of Incarnates Raid. 

1 Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane

Drops from Dathea, Ascended in the Vault of Incarnates Raid. 

20 Oct 2022