Buy Dreamseeds for Dragon Isle Supplies - 10.2

Dreamseeds are used to growing flowers in the Emerald Dream in order to get certain loot from them. There are 3 types of Dreamseeds, Small, Plump and Gigantic. Based on what Dreamseed you use, it will be a specific flower that is common, rare or epic. That means that the reward you get once it grows will differ based on what seed you have added. 

Small Dreamseed 
If you contribute with a small Dreamseed, you will get a small Dreamy Bounty.
Is a lesser quality that rewards, small amount of seedbloom (20), a small amount of Dream Epherma (5), Dragon Isles Supplies and Flightstones 

Plump Dreamseed
If you contribute with a Plump Dreamseed, you will get a Plumb Dreamy Bounty.
This rare seed that rewards a medium amount of seedbloom (90), medium amount of Dream Epherma, Dragon Isles Supplies and Flightstones and chance on a pet. 

Gigantic Dreamseed
If you contribute with a Gigantic Dreamseed, you will get a Gigantic Dreamy Bounty. 
The Gigantic seed is epic in size and reward. Contains a unique mount or a large amount of Seedbloom (350). 

The Dreamseeds comes as a reward from the Superbloom event, buy you will also be able to buy these seeds from the Renown vendor once you reach 20 Renown. Small Dreamseed costs 100 Dragon Isle Supplies. The Plump Dreamseed costs 500 Dragon Isle Supplies and the Gigantic Dreamseed costs 1500 Dragon Isle Supplies



21 Sep 2023