Buildings for Transmog - Guide

  • Enchanter's Study: When you level up your enchanter's study and assign a follower to it, that follower will offer weapon enchant illusions such as Illusion: Agility. This is like transmog for enchants!
  • Storehouse: At level 3, you have access to a transmogrification NPC so you won't have to leave your garrison to transmog your items!
  • Lunarfall Inn/Frostwall Tavern: This building has a rotating set of quest giving NPCs.John J. Keeshan offers  Cold Steel which rewards a transmoggable  Bloody Bandanna. You can also buy the transmoggable  Meat Cleaver from the Level 2 or 3 Inn if you have 700 Cooking.
  • Herb Garden: You can purchase the transmoggable gardening tools Garden Scythe Garden Sickle Garden Hoe Garden Shovel, and  Garden Pitchfork with  Draenic Seeds collected at your Herb Garden.
  • Salvage Yard: At Level 3, your Big Crate of Salvage, collected from missions while you have a Level 3 Salvage Yard, can contain gear that has a unique model -- Please see a preview of all the items available here.
  • Gladiator's Sanctum: The work orders from this building provide PvP gear, which you can also use for transmog. Models are viewablehere.
  • Trading Post: Having a trading post allows you access to theSha'tari Defense Quartermaster who sells a full set of trasmog plate gear only available to Alliance characters: and the Laughing Skull Orc Quartermaster sells skull transmog helms for Horde characters.
  • Dwarven Bunker/War Mill: This building offers a BOA transmog set for each armor class, as well as a SW/Org guard outfit. You can see those sets in Perculia'sWarlords of Draenor Transmog Guide. They are sold for  Iron Horde Scraps which are looted in the world and in dungeons and are also provided by the War Mill/Bunker work orders.

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