Broken Shore Rare Spawn Guide

I made this guide because rare mobs give really good loot needed for reputation, building constructions, Order Resources and Nethershards.

  • There are around 15-20 Rares mobs in broken Shore.
  • 1-3 Rare mobs spawn every hour.
  • They will be up for around 30 min to kill (maybe longer).
  • If a rare is killed, it will respawn after some minutes.
  • The rare mob icon on map is gone when killed, but will show up again when the rare mob respawns. So double check your map when farming rares.
  • Rare mobs increase in health, the more players attacking it. Meaning, it can be solo killed, if u beware of the mechanics.


Broken Shore Rare Spawn loot

  • Legionfall supplies 3-10
  • Artifact power
  • Nethershards 100-140
  • Sentinax Beacon token(s)
  • Dauntless Token
  • Order Resources 70-90


31 Mar 2017