Guide: Brawler´s Guild Legion

Brawler´s Guild legion, comes out on patch 7.1.5

Where is Brawler´s Guild located

There is one Brawler´s Guild for Alliance and one for horde.

Alliance Brawler´s Guild
Is called Bizmo’s Brawlpub.
Once you’ve entered the Deeprun Tram from Stormwind, jump down into the gap the first tram glides through and look for an opening in the wall, enter and head down the ramp.

Horde Brawler´s Guild
Is called Brawl´gar Arena.
Located in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar (the big Arena).


How do I fight in Brawler´s Guild

  • You need to become a member.
    You become a member by Getting hold of a Blood-Soaked Invitation.
    Blood soaked invitation can be
    - bought in the Black Market Action house.
    - bought normal action house that players (rank 4) have got and probably will sell.
    - Given by a friend/guild member that got it by reaching rank 4.
    Once you have the invitation, use it then enter Brawler´s Guild.
  • Sign up on a fight
    Alliance: talk to the Bizmo’s Brawlpub Bouncers.
    Horde: talk to a Brawl’gar Arena Grunt


Good to know before you start fighting

The bosses you meet will get harder and harder the higher rank you reach.
It is not only how good damage you are doing, its a lot about strategy and sometimes even patience, so entering fights and thinking that your damage will solve everything, is wrong.

When you meet bosses that are hard or that your dmg is not enough with your playstyle, always check your talents. Many times, just changing some talents can change the outcome of the fight totally.

Don’t forget that you can use food, flasks and pots.

The Quartermaster also sells 2 Brawler specific potions:

  • Brawler´s Healing Potion (Restores 511k health)
  • Brawler´s Potion of Prolonged Power (Increase stats by 3000 for 1 min).

Most important regarding pots: You can use "raid pots" AND brawlers pots. They stack! So use them both. 


Brawlers Guild - Reputation

The reputation is called Brawl´gar Arena for Horde and Bizmo’s Brawlpub for Alliance.

It is built on rank system. You start at rank 1 and max rank is 8.
Each new boss you defeat in the Arena will award you with 250 rep.
Each “rank up” requires 1000 reputation, meaning you will defeat 4 bosses per rank.

Reputation rewards

During PTR it’s hard to tell what rank is needed to be able to buy the items.

Brawler´s Ancient Healing Potion
Restores 511k health

Brawler´s Potion of Prolonged Power
Increase stats by 3000 for 1 min

Puglist´s Powerful Punching Ring
870 ilvl ring
Requires rank 2?

Brawler´s Razor Claws
Heirloom 1-60
Fist weapon

Rockspine Basilisk
Requires rank 8

Requires rank

Tylarr Gronnden
Requires rank

Floot-Tooter´s Tunic

Gorgeous Blouse

Undisputed Champion´s Shirt

Ooze Soaked Shirt

Brucehide Jersey

Paper Shirt

Last Season´s Shirt

Sightless Mantel


Brawler´s Gold and what you can buy

When you watch other players in the Brawl Arena you get rewarded with 1 gold at the end of the fight.

You will be rewarded with 1 Brawler´s Purse when winning a Brawl match and a Bulging Brawler´s Purse when winning a Brawl through the Rumble Cards (all players in the queue get to participate in the fight).

Brawler´s Purse contains:

  • Brawler´s Gold (around 100)
  • Grey Items

Bulging Brawler´s Purse contains:

  • Brawler´s Gold (Around 200)
  • Grey items

Maximum Brawlers Gold you can carry is 5000

What can I buy with Brawler´s Gold

High Rollers Contract
Enable a game of chance for 30 minutes.
Costs 100 Brawler´s Gold

Bag of Chipped Dice
Enable random brawl mode for the next 30 minutes.
Costs 100 Brawler´s Gold

Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine
Buy a graveyard inside the Brawler´s Guild for the next 30 minutes (everyone benefit from this).
Costs 250 Brawler´s Gold

Brawler´s Potion Dispenser
Buy a keg that dispenses free potions to all players for the next 30 minutes.
Costs 500 Brawler´s Gold

Free Drinks Voucher
Buy 2 minutes of free drinks for everyone.
Costs 1000 Brawler´s Gold

Zeppelin Rental Form
Buy 10 minutes of free zeppelin rides for everyone.
Costs 1000 Brawler´s Gold

Rumble Cards

Rumble cards costs 500 Brawler´s gold and the function of it is that you choose an opponent to fight by selecting one of the cards that you buy. Then, when it’s your turn to step into the arena, all players in the queue get to participate in the fight.

The opponents to choose to fight are

  • Grief Warden
  • Penguin Stampede
  • Battle of the Brew
  • Senya
  • Stranglethorn Streak
  • Mindbreaker Gzzaj
  • Mazhareen
  • Rumble 08


Brawler´s Bosses Legion (Guides)

This part is on going and guides are being made, stay tuned

Rank 1 Bosses

  • Oso
    Move away when the bear does frontal smash.
    Move away when he charges your position (a red arrow marks the spot).
  • Grandpa Grumplefoot
    Throws 3 different colors of dolls.
    Red: Explodes and does high dmg
    Blue: Heals you
    Green: Moves around and one shoots you.
    Dodge the dolls (step on blue if you want to get healed).
  • Ooliss
    Most important is the “Horrific Pursuit”. Run away from him when he does it or you will die.
  • Ulrich Forgeworth
    Interrupt lava burst if possible
    Move away from fire pools
    Ulrich does Whirlwind – move away
    In general, a pretty easy fight. Use cleave dmg.      

Rank 2 Bosses

  • Dippy
    He gets knocked back when damaged.
    Make sure he doesn’t get close to a wall when you dps him as melee then he will one shoot you down.
  • Bill the Janitor
    Interrupt when he wants to summon broomsticks.
    Dodge the broomsticks.
  • Sanoriak
    Develops a 3 fire walls surrounding you.
    Do not touch the fire wall.
    Exit the side where there is no fire wall.
  • Master Paku
    Three monks are summoned and a “pacman” layout is developed on the ground.
    Do NOT touch the blue squares.
    You will auto move all the time.
    Touch the orbs when they show up.
    Watch out when they do whirlwind.
    Do not attack when a monk is red.

Rank 3 Bosses

  • Doomflipper
    Only did him as ranged.
    Seems he does very high dmg if he reaches you.
    As ranged, kite him around and don’t let him reach you.
  • Blat
    Mark the first blob you see.
    Focus nuke that blob and cleave the rest.
    When the main blob is dead, you win.
  • Shadowmaster Aameen
    He summons totems that do aoe dmg around it.
    Whenever a totem is summoned it shoots one orb to each of the totems on the platform.
    Meaning later, there will be plenty of orbs shooting out to the other totems.
    Move to outer area and make sure the boss places the totems on the outer areas. This way it will be easier to avoid the orbs.
  • Johnny Awesome
    Most important: Stand behind his pet when he shoots “Powershot” so it hits his pet instead, otherwise you are dead.

Rank 4 Bosses

  • Burnstachio
    Dodge the fire by following the paths that spawns.
    Touch Orb when it spawns and burn the boss down.
  • Meatball
    Touch Orbs all the time whenever they pop up and nuke meatball.
  • G.G Engineering (Max Megablast and Bo Bubble)
    They share Health.
    Dodge the rockets.
    Stand in the done (bubble) when it appears and nuke the boss that is not inside the bubble. Rinse and repeat.
    Alternative: If you lack dps on this fight: Stand on the other boss so the rockets hit the other boss and move before the rocket hits so it doesn’t hit you.
  • Stiches
    Being on the pool around him gives a debuff and after 10 stacks you die.
    He pulls you to him all the time.
    Use abilities to reset debuff or to be away from the pool as much as possible.

Rank 5 Bosses

  • Thwack U (Sonny and Wes)
    Sonny stands still and Wes moves.
    Also, there are some dancers that can attack you.
    Stand between the sound blasts when they pass the room.
    Jump over fire waves when they pass the room
  • Razorgrin
    Don’t stand in front of the boss.
    Ranged can kite around.
    Melee must move around in a circle.
  • Leper Gnomes (Greazy, Queasy, Fleasy, Sleasy, Wheezy)
    Nothing special, a survival and AoE dps check.
  • Blackmange
    There are cannons covering an entire side of the room.
    Black fuse is lit from the other side of the room.
    Each fuse has different speed to reach its cannon.
    When a cannon blasts, a new fuse is lit.
    Switch between fuses so you will always stand in front of a cannon that still has a fuse.
    Make sure you are standing on the fuse and not next to it.
    Getting hit by a cannon kills you instantly.
    Also, don’t forget to attack boss at the same time.

Rank 6 Bosses

  • Topps
    Watch out for his charge and burn him down when he is dazed.
  • Millie Watt
    Move away from pools that develops under you.
    Interrupt when possible
    Move far away from pools since he polymorphs you and you may walk in to a pool.
  • Carl
    Move away from fire pools.
    When a fire pool is developed, it spawns 4 waves (each side of the pool) of fire. If a fire wave touches another pool and that pool will also develop fire waves.
    Meaning, in the end, you will be surrounded by fire.
    Dps hard and avoid fire.
  • Hudson, Dupree, Stuffshrew (Ogrewatch)
    These guys are a copy of Overwatch characters: D
    Hudson (Winston)
    Dupree (Mcree)
    Stuffshrew (Junkrat)
    1) Nuke Hudson first so the barrier goes down.
    2) Kill Mcree before he does “it´s High noon”.
    3) Kill Stuffshrew
    4) Kill Hudson
    Watch out for:
    Mcree “it´s High noon”, it one shoots you.
    Bombs on the ground (3 at the time) from Stuffshrew also don’t stand in front of him when he places a mine.
    Leap on your position from Hudson, run away from it. Also, interrupt him when possible.

Rank 7 Bosses

  • Nibbleh
    Do not use any pets/mage images or anything that takes agro from snake.
    Start at one corner and make sure that the snake is moving in the outer circle first, than closer in.
    Make sure that the snake is not touching its own poison slime that he drops under him while moving.
  • Serpent of Old
    4 totems will appear in a square around him.
    Each pole gives him a stacking buff when he stands close to one.
    - Bottom left totem: Invigorating Totem (Haste increased, movement increased)
    - Bottom right corner: Healing Flume Totem(heals)
    - Top right totem: Totem of Ferocity (Damage increased)
    - Top left totem: Warding Totem (Damage taken reduced)

    First time, move boss after 10 stacks. Then see what you need more or less of as a player and class/spec.

    If you do loads of dmg but don’t have so much defensive, take totem of stacks of healing and dmg taken reduction.
    If you have good defensives, take totem of haste, movement dmg increase.

  • Epicus Maximus
    Start on one corner.
    “Blue Crush” Does several knockbacks and dmg. If you can’t interrupt it, run to the opposite corner fast so you don’t get hit by it.
    Move away from pools on the ground.
    This fight is very intensive and a dps check.
    Check video how I did it as frost mage.
  • Ray D Tear

    This boss turns into raid bosses from Hellfire Citadel for a couple of seconds, uses their ability against you then back to its normal shape.

    Use all dps cooldowns at start since you must move a lot later.
    This boss requires high ilvl. I did these bosses and guides in PTR at 860 ilvl and have hard time killing this boss in time.

    1) Mar´tak image (Shockwave)
    Shockwave in front of him (move away fast)
    2) Kormrok Image (Hand grasp)
    Nuke it fast and cleave dmg if possible so boss takes dmg as well)
    3) Gurtogg Image (Acid wound)
    Debuff that decrease armor. If you have any ability (ice block/bubble etc) to defend against it, use it. USE IT BEFORE HE APPLIES IT not after. The debuff doesn’t go away if you use an ability when you already have it.  
    4) Killrogg Image (Death Troes)
    Move away from fel balls that he shoots on your location,3 times
    5) Gorefiend Image (Crushing Darkness)
    Several shadow pools spawns in a circle around you
    6) Fel Lord Zakuun Image (Fel Crystal)
    A rock spawns underneath you and pushes you away. The rock will be there for the rest of the fight and shoots out shadow sonic beams on all directions, Dodge them.  Also, run to a corner before this happens so the big rock is placed there and you will have less beams shooting out.
    7) Tyrant Velhari Image (Glave of the Tyrant)
    Slams the ground and does dmg on a big area. This goes fast, so move far away back so you don’t get hit by it.
    8) Xhul´horac Image (Black hole)
    Summons a black hole that drags you to it.
    9) Mannoroth Image (fel imp-losion)
    Summons imps. This is interruptible so interrupt it.
    10) Archimonde (Shadowfel burst)
    Tosses you up high in the air. This happens just before time runs out as well. 

Then you hit rank 8!


Brawler´s Guild Achievements Guide

The Second Rule of Brawler´s Guild

You need to reach rank 4.

King of the Guild

You need to reach max rank (rank 8).
This will also reward you the title: Brawler

You are not the contents of your wallet

You need to obtain 20 000 Brawler´s Gold.

When you watch other players in the Brawl Arena you get rewarded with 1 gold at the end of the fight.

You will be rewarded with 1 Brawler´s Purse when winning a Brawl match and a Bulging Brawler´s Purse when winning a Brawl through the Rumble Cards (all players in the queue get to participate in the fight).

Brawler´s Purse contains:

  • Brawler´s Gold (around 100)
  • Grey Items

Bulging Brawler´s Purse contains:

  • Brawler´s Gold (Around 200)
  • Grey items

Educated Guesser

Obtain 10 stacks of Vested Interest in the Brawler´s Guild

  • Talk to the Pit Boss next to the fighting stage.
  • Choose who you think will win (Hero or Monster)
  • Guessing the right one will give you the buff “Vested interest”
  • 10 stacks of vested interest (10 right guesses in a row) will reward you the achievement.

I am Thrall´s complete Lack of Surprise

Defeat 10 bosses using random brawl mode.

  • Talk to the gold Exchange in Brawler´s Guild
  • Buy “Bag of Chipped Dice
    This enables random brawl mode for the next 30 minutes.
    The item costs 100 Brawler´s gold.
  • Defeat 10 bosses while having this “buff”.
  • Achievement completed.

Rumble in the Club

Defeat all rumbles in the Brawler´s Guild

  • Make a party with other ppl or make sure there are other players in Brawler´s Guild.
  • Talk to the gold Exchange in Brawler´s Guild
  • Buy the Rumble Card for the bosses that you need to defeat (costs 500 gold each).
  • This will take all players in Brawler´s Guild/arena into the fight and fight against the Rumble boss you picked.
  • Do that for all the Rumbles you need, defeat them and you get the achievement.


19 Nov 2016