Boss Tactics: Mythic Shriekwing

This guide is for mythic changes only. If you want to check out normal/heroic tactics, we got them for you here:

Overview of mythic changes

  • Have a dedicated player that can handle mechanics good on second phase.
  • Echoing Screech and Echoing Sonar cannot be seen by players on mythic mode.
  • The only way to see them is to have a player picking up a lantern on second phase, and there will be a big circle around the lantern carrier.
  • If you are inside the lantern you get a stacking debuff.
    Does 800 dmg per stack per second, lasts for 12 sec.
    This debuff makes you being able to see the sonic orbs.


Phase 1

You don’t need to see the sonic orbs on phase 1. You can still dodge them. So, lantern is not needed on phase 1.

Tank boss behind left upper pillar. Face the boss to the right-side wall.
Melee, stand behind boss.
Ranged stand a bit further back behind melee.

When boss turns around and does Blind Swipe
* Melee move further back to where ranged are standing so you don´t get hit.
* Ranged already stands further back so you keep your position.

When boss casts echoing Screech, raid moves around the left pillar and hit the boss from the other side.

When boss does AoE that you need to hide from, hide behind the same pillar and then move back to your first positioning, melee behind boss, and ranged little further back.

After two times, intermission starts for phase 2.

Phase 2

Follow the marked player that will lead where the players will go.

The lantern carrier picks up the lantern and moves to the raid so all are inside the circle so they can see the sonic orbs. Do that for every 8-10 sec.

Raid should NOT go over 14 stacks.


When phase 1 starts again, you start on the bottom side of the platform instead and do the same thing.

28 Feb 2021