Boss Tactics Guide: Queen Azshara

The titan panels

  • There are 3 titan panels on the sides of the platform and 1 in the middle. The 3 outer are active in phase 1 and the middle and all 3 outer are active from phase 2.
  • The energy panels have an energy circle with dots around the circle.
  • The energy on the outer circles goes down during the fight.
  • The circles must not reach 0% energy (1 circle does raid dmg, all circles wipes the raid).
  • To give energy, you must stand in the circle.
  • Standing on a circle will give a stacking Drained Soul debuff that reduces health by 10%.
  • Take 2-3 stacks when you stand in the circle.
  • Dont have more than 5 stacks in total.
  • The debuff lasts for 2 min.
  • The middle circle is called Ward of Power and boosts the boss when more energy. When standing on this one, you will instead remove energy.
  • The middle circle will swap energy with one of the outer circles later on in the fight.
  • Try and have all circles around 50% energy. 


You will fight 2 mini bosses – Aethanel and Cyranus

  • If you do not kill them at the same time more or less, the other boss gets boosted.
  • If you do not let the 2 bosses in sight of each other, they get boosted.
  • BUT, when painful memories come, they must not see each other, LoS them (ling out of sight).
  • The mini bosses farts out pools on the ground when they like to see each other.
  • The main boss (Azshara) will do abilities on the platform during this phase but you cannot attack her.

Aethanel does
 - Chain Lightning that can be interrupted.
- Orbs that bounces on the platform 3 times.
- debuff on tank (Cold Blast)

Cyranus does
- a debuff on tank  (Serrated Edge)
- Targets a random player and does dmg if anyone is in the way and also on impact.

  • Tank the adds on one side of a pillar.
  • When they are “Longing” you stack them.
  • When they are “Painful Memories” you put them LoS on each side of the pillar.
  • Interrupt the chain lightning
  • Nuke bot bosses so they die more or less the same time.

A big add (Hulk) spawns as well

  • This add moves to one of the ancient circles.
  • This add removes the energy of that circle and does raid dmg.

  • Nuke the Hulk fast when it spawns
  • Stun it and slow it so it doesn’t reach the circle.

Azshara will interfere in phase 1 (But cannot be attacked)

  • Azshara will drain the energy from a random Ancient circle (Drain Ancient Ward)

  • You must have players standing in the circle after it is drained so the energy goes up again.
  • Have 2-3 stacks each

  • Azshara will target random ranged players with Beckon which makes them walk to the middle circle and get a bubble that does loads of dmg.

  • Stand far from the mid circle if you are ranged so the beckon debuff ends.
  • Nuke the bubble asap if players have it.

  • Azshara will spawn Arcane orbs that explodes after 20 sec that does raid dmg. This can be soaked to reduce the dmg taken.

  • Soak the Arcane orb circles asap when they spawn.


  • When the mini bosses area dead, intermission starts.
  • During this phase players will take random debuffs that they must handle.

  • If you have Suffer, you must soak an Arcane Orb
  • If you have Obey, you DON´T soak an Arcane Orb
  • If you have a swirl around you, the Stand Alone debuff, you don’t stand close to anyone.
  • If you have a bright circle around you, the Stand Together, you stack with other players that have the same.


During this phase, you still have to handle the circle energies and fight Azshara and adds.

  • An important ability called Ward of Power.
  • This ward corrupts a circle and the energy it gets empowers the boss and the adds.

  • Stand in that ward and soak it so the energy goes down.
  • 2-3 stacks per player when soaking. 

Azshara has loads of abilities during this phase

  • On tanks, she will put a debuff (Arcane Vulnerability) that increase dmg taken by arcane.
  • She drains the energy from nearest circle by 19. This 19 goes to the Ward of power.

  • Tank swap at 8 stacks.
  • Check which circle has most energy and move the boss to that circle. Always keep an eye on the extra image on your screen.

  • When she reaches 100 energy, she does heavy dmg blast (Arcane Detonation), that can be LoS.

  • Run behind a pillar and hide.
  • Tanks make sure the boss is positioned in the center side so players can hide.

  • Does Beckon again, but this time the targeted random players walk to the boss and get mind controlled with a bubble.

  • Ranged must always stand far away from boss so the debuff expires before reaching boss.
  • Dps, must break the bubble asap if someone is mind controlled.

  • She swaps a circle with the Ancient Wards (Reversal of Fortune)

  • Make sure that the circles are not to low and also not to high!

  • She puts a debuff on random players (Arcane Burst), a big circle around you.
  • After 30 sec it expires and does loads of dmg to anyone that is Los (Line of sight).
  • If the boss is hit, she triggers another burst with more players getting the debuff.
  • This can debuff can be dispelled.

  • Hide behind a pillar so you don´t cause dmg to raid AND most important so boss don’t get hit.  
  • Dispell only if you are sure.

The adds must be handled and killed

  • There are adds that spawn that moves towards the middle (The Ward of Power).
  • If they reach the ward they will give extra energy to it and die.
  • There are smaller adds that comes in a pack of 3 that can be crowd controlled.
  • There is an add that is bigger that cannot be crowd controlled.

  • Slow, stun, freeze the small adds and AoE them down.
  • Burst dmg on the single bigger add when it spawns and kill before she reaches the middle.


  • This phase starts when boss reaches 70%
  • Boss summons adds to attack the wards.
  • At the same time she does 2 abilities
  • An Arcane orb that must be soaked or else it kills the raid.
  • Similar to intermission 1 with the command on raid (Decree). But if you fail, you take heavy debuff dmg for 10 sec.

  • Soak the orbs.
  • If you have Suffer, you must soak an Arcane Orb
  • If you have Obey, you DON´T soak an Arcane Orb
  • If you have a swirl around you, the Stand Alone debuff, you don’t stand close to anyone.
  • If you have a bright circle around you, the Stand Together, you stack with other players that have the same.
  • HEROIC MODE – March (you must always move) and Stay (you must not move)


  • This phase starts when adds are finished summoned.  
  • There are two types, Myrmidon and Tidemistresses.
  • The Tidemistresses will stand on each Ward circle and periodically drain the energy and also give energy to the Ward of Power circle. They have a shield around them that can only be broken by the spear from the other add, the myrmidon. They cast chain lightning that can be interrupted, a debuff on random players that does dmg for 6 sec on nearby players as well (Static Shock).
  • The Myrmidon can be tanked and casts a spear on random player.

  • Tank the myrmidon and don’t kill it, you need it alive. Targeted player runs behind a Tidemistress so the spear hit that add  instead and breaks the shield. Nuke and interrupt that mistress asap.
  • Remember to stand on circles to increase their power and also soak the middle one (Ward of Power) when needed.

The Boss

  • Does same abilities as in phase 2. The big difference is when she swaps circle with the middle one (Ward of Power).
  • In phase 3, ALL circles are swapped (Greater Reversal of Fortune)

  • Handle the mechanics the same way as in phase 2.
  • You MUST soak the middle circle asap when the swath occurs.


Starts at 50% Boss health.

Make sure adds are dead before then, otherwise it will be more complicated.  

You will only fight the boss in this phase.

  • The Beckon will now make the mind controlled players permanent for the rest of the fight.
  • The tank will instead be Void Touched stacking debuffed which reduce health.
  • The boss opens a Nether portal (looks like an eye) for 10 min, on the edge of the platform. If touched, it does  shadow dmg every sec.
  • The boss puts big pools on the ground that does high dmg when standing on.
  • The titan console can now be used. The boss overload the titan console and must be controlled by a player. When the player clicks on the console, it will either: 
    - Controlled Burst that does moderate dmg to entire raid.
    - Essence of Azeroth that boost a player for 40 sec but the player dies afterwards.
    - System Shock that does a massive deadly blast on the player controlling to console.
    - Short Circuit that removes all energy from a nearby circle.

  • Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism
  • Tank swap at 3-4 stacks of Void Touched.
  • Beware to not come close to the portal.
  • Move away from the big pools.
  • Stand on the circles when needed.
  • The person that handles the console: Use the extra action button when standing near the console.


10 Jul 2019