Boss Tactics Guide: Lady Ashvane


Priscilla Ashvane´s relentless pursuit of power has ultimately led her to the Eternal Palace and into a dark pact with Queen Azshara. But what Ashvane receives in return for her loyalty may be more than she bargained for.

Overview - Fast Tactics

  • This fight has 2 phases. In phase 1, you break the shield on the boss. In phase 2, the shield is broken.
  • In phase 1, you will dodge corals and abilities, and in phase 2 you will clear the corals and dodge abilities.
  • During the entire fight, you will have
    - Pools under the tank every time boss slams, tank near wall and move clockwise.
    - 3 players getting a bubble, stack up and AoE destroy bubbles.
    - Swirls under random players that does dmg and toss you up, dodge them.
  • Phase 1 - corals that spawns on the ground, this does dmg, also orbs spawns from it and moves to boss. When it touches boss, the boss gets more armor. Dodge corals and move boss away from orbs. Soak orbs but beware since they do raid dmg every time you touch an orb.
  • Phase 2 – Three players marked, after 8 sec, blasts high Arcane dmg to all players in a line. This destroys the corals. Position yourself so that corals break.


Tank the boss directly on the side (wall).
Move the boss clockwise every time you dodge abilities.

Stack together on the side of the boss (not behind)

Stack up together, have a marked player and follow/stack on that player.

Abilities and Tactics


Hardened Carapace

  • Boss got a shield that absorbs 40% of her total health.
  • Every time the boss regrows her shield, it grows back 150% stronger.

Tactics: Hardened Carapace

  • This shield is phase 1. As soon as you break this shield, phase 2 starts (which is 75% of her health)

Coral Growth

  • Boss summons corals on the platform.
  • Players within 10 yards take damage and a knockback.

Tactics - Coral Growth

  • You will get a lot of the corals. Always check were they are and get a visual map overview.
  • Move boss away from Corals.

Rippling Wave

  • The coral will shoot out orbs that travels towards the boss.
  • These orbs increase the shield on the boss up to 10% and do dmg on all players.
  • If a player touches an orb, it bursts and does dmg to all players. The player that touched the orb will also get a stacking debuff that does dmg every 3 sec for 15 sec.

Tactics: Rippling Wave

  • Tank
    Kite the boss away from the orbs.
  • Soak
    Soak the orbs but no all at once, since entire raid takes dmg from the orb.
    Prio players that can take heavy dmg over time, the orb puts stacking debuff.
  • Healers
    Heavy dmg will occur since the orbs must be soaked. Beware.

Briny Bubble

  • Boss puts a water bubble on 3 players (main tank and 2 random).
  • These 3 players become incapacitated and take dmg every 1.5 sec until the bubble is destroyed.

Tactics: Briny Bubble

  • Bubbled players stack up together, on the tank with the bubble.
  • AoE nuke and destroy the bubbles.
  • Tank swap when main tank gets bubble.


  • Blast of water from Random players position.
  • If players do not run out of it before it blasts, they take high dmg and tossed up into the air.

Tactics: Upsurge

  • Dodge the swirls in the ground.

Barnacle Bash - Tanks

  • Boss slams the main tank with physical dmg.
  • This leaves a 35 sec debuff that increase dmg taken from the next slam by 150%.
  • Every time a slam occurs, a sharp coral erupts from the ground that does dmg every 1.5 sec to players standing on it.

Tactics: Barnacle Bash - Tanks

  • Tanks
  • The tank swap is synchronized with the Briny Bubble. Tank swap every time main tank becomes a bubble.
  • Move boss clockwise every time boss does a slam and avoid the circle of sharp corals.
  • Melee
    Attack boss from the side, so you don’t take debuff dmg from the sharp corals.


Exposed Azerite

Boss shoots energy bolts at random players periodically.

Arcing Azerite

  • Boss puts a debuff on 3 random players.
  • After 8 sec, the debuff expires and blasts high Arcane dmg to all players in a line between the marked players.
  • All corals in the line between the marked players will be destroyed.

Tactics - Arcing Azerite

  • This is how you clear the platform from corals.
  • Marked players must position themselves to destroy the corals.
  • Unmarked players must beware and dodge them.

Briny Bubble
Same as phase 1

Same as phase 1

Barnacle Bash
Same as phase 1

When to Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism

After you break the shield on boss


1 Jun 2019