BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Jaina


Phase 1

  • Tank boss where is stands. Ranged between ballista’s.
  • Tank swap: Tank run away from players when bombarded.
  • Main Tank: Phase boss away from raid
  • One player on ballista, shoot the ship when it spawns.
    Make sure there are some fire on platform before destroying it.
  • Remove bombs from ship, Nuke adds when spawned,.
  • When Ring of Ice, Run away and stand on fire

Phase 2
(Starts when Jaina has 60% health)

  • Run to Jaina on the big platform, dodge everything.
  • Destroy ice block if a player gets hit

Phase 3

  • There are 4 barrels, Destroy them one by one while attacking Jaina.
  • Barrel destroyed: a big fire pool, run in and out to clear stacks
  • Debuffs, run to Barrel (it does dmg on it) or away from raid
  • Be close to wall before Jaina reaches 30% health

Phase 4
(Starts when Jaina has 30% health)

  • Destroy the Ice Wall: Blood Lust, Time Warp, Heroism
  • When wall is destroyed, destroy the ice block that Nathanos is in.
  • Tank the Elemental add and move back to platform to Jaina
  • Full nuke on Elemental add

Phase 5

  • Entire Raid close to Jaina
  • Destroy Ice block players are in.
  • Always watch out for icicle when ice block, don’t stand between the icicle and the ice block
  • Full nuke on Image add when it spawns

General Ability on entire fight – Chilling Touch

Jaina´s frost spells chills players which does small amount of dmg and reduces the movement speed by 2% and this stacks.
If a player reaches 20 stacks and has below 80% health the player becomes ice blocked and stunned and takes ticking damage for 30 sec until freed.  

Tactics: Chilling Touch

This debuff can be removed by standing in flames on the ground (Searing Pitch) on phase one and barrels that you break on phase 2. 

Phase 1

Phase 1 will be on a ship.

You fill fight Jaina and at the same time defend from adds that comes from other boats.

Also, you must defend the ship by

  • using the cannons on the ship to blow up the other ships.
  • Throw out explosive barrels from the ship.

Kul Tiran Marine adds

Periodically, Kul Tirans will jump in to the ship, shoot fire on the ship platform and HEROIC: Bombard the ship.

  • They will board the ship and fixate random player.
  • They will also place explosive barrels on the ship that explode after 15 seconds.
  • This barrel does high dmg to all players if not tossed out of the ship.
  • Barrels that do detonate will leave Searing Pitch fire pools on the ground. These do moderate fire dmg every sec a player stands on it.
  • Standing on a Searing Pitch removes the Chill debuff.

The Kul Tiran ship will bombard our deck that does high dmg and knockback to all nearby players.
This also leaves a Searing Pitch.

Tactics: Kul Tiran

  • Kite the add when u are targeted, rest slow knockback and Kill the adds asap.
  • Have players picking up barrels and throw them away from the platform.
  • Have 2 players for cannons on the ships. There are 3 cannons on each side. Click on them whenever a ship comes to that side.
  • Leave one barrel every time so the tanks can reset their Chill stacks.
  • HEROIC: Tanks will use Avalanche to remove the fire pools on the ground.

Jaina Proudmoore - Phase 1

She ice blocks when raid use Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp!!!!!

Ice Shard (Tanks)

Boss shoots an ice shard that does 100% attack dmg as physical.

The shot will also increase the damage of Ice shards by 10% and stacks.

Avalanche (Tanks)

Boss shoots several blizzards at the tank location that does frost dmg every sec for 5 sec to anyone within 6 yards.

Tactics: Ice Shard and Avalanche

Tank with Avalanche runs away from raid.
Clear the pools when you have the Avalanche. If no pools, run to the side marked for tanks.
Everyone else, make sure you are not close to the tank.

HEROIC: Switch at 4 or 5 stacks ice shard

Grasp of Frost

  • Boss targets a random player (melee) and does moderate/high dmg and roots the player for 8 sec.
  • This also puts a stack of chilling touch every 2 sec for 8 sec.

Tactics: Grasp of Frost

Healers must dispel this directly.

Freezing Blast

Boss shoots a cone wave of ice over players in a line.

This does high frost dmg and a knockback.

Tactics: Freezing Blast

Boss faces you, beware and move out in time.

Ring of Ice

  • Boss puts a big Ring of ice covering half of the platform.
  • Players that don’t run away in time take high frost dmg and becomes frozen for 30 sec.
  • Also, this puts a frost dmg debuff that does dmg every 1 sec for 8 sec on players grater than 30 yards from the boss.
  • Free allies frozen

Tactics: Ring of Ice

  • This happens when boss has full mana.
  • Run away fast when the boss will use Ring of ice.
  • Stand on the fire pool, and you will become rooted.
  • Make sure there are fire pools for this.

Time Warp (HEROIC)

Boss increase haste by 30% for 40 sec when she has 70% health.


  • When boss health is at 60% health, intermission starts.
  • A knockback happens so make sure you are not close to the edge.
  • Boss blinks away and Raid must run to her. Boss will make it hard for raid to move to her.
  • Howling Winds is a storm that restricts the vision.
  • Glacial Shards will do damage and freezes the player that must be freed.
  • Blistering tornadoes will do frost dmg and knock players away when touching them


During this phase players will get chill debuff periodically.

Also, a ship above the platform will attack players by

  • shooting random marked players. Players get a debuff and after the debuff expires, another missile will hit the player location and do dmg within 10 yards.
  • Jaina will also mark random player that will be locked by the ship, and the ship fires big arcane dmg on player location. The hit does deadly dmg and knockback.
    Players take loess dmg the further away they are.

Tactics: The Ship

  • Targeted player by Siegebreakerblast must run to marked location far away from raid.
  • Player with debuff must make sure to be spread from other players.

Jaina in phase 2

Phase 2 starts when you interrupt the boss.


Ice Shard (Tanks)

Boss shoots an ice shard that does 100% attack dmg as physical.

The shot will also increase the damage of Ice shards by 10% and stacks.

Avalanche (Tanks)

Boss shoots blizzard at the tank location that does frost dmg every sec for 5 sec to anyone within 6 yards.

Hand of frost

The hit of each blizzard will also shot out Frostfire dmg that also roots players for 8 sec.

Tactics: Ice Shard/Avalanche/Hand of Frost

Tank with Avalanche must run away to the opposite side from raid. Meaning raid on one side, tank runs on the other side.

Heroic: tank swap at 4-5 stacks of Ice shards.

Glacial Ray

Boss shoots a beam in a line, that does high dmg every 0.5 sec to player hit.

Tactics: Glacial Ray

Check where she faces and move away fast.

Ice fall

Boss marks and area and then summons

  • A massive frozen comet that does deadly dmg to players hit by it.
  • Several Small comets that does high dmg

Tactics: Ice Fall

Check where the marking is and move away fast. Also dodge the small ones.


There are 3 barrels on the platform. Breaking it will case fire, fire will remove the stacks of chill debuff.

Tactics: Barrels

Make sure to use them when raid has high number of stacks. Don’t break them to fast, they will not respawn.


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PHASE 3: Daughter of the Sea

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22 Jan 2019