BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Jadefire Masters

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same.

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You will fight a monk and a fire mage boss.
During the fight they will also combine their powers.

They have boss specific abilities and also do Team attacks. This is based on their energy bar.

  • At 30 Power – Fire from Mist
  • At 60 Power – A flash of Hostility
  • At 100 Power – The Serpent and the Phoenix


Short Tactics

  • Nuke Monk > Mage. Do not let the monk health go below the mage health.
  • Everyone swap to Mage when fire shield is up.
  • Have players ready to interrupt the Pyroblast the Mage does.
  • Move fast and engage melee combat every time the monk torpedoes away.
  • Monk tank gets pulled in the air and have to fight images. Face the image when it lights up and use mitigation before it charges you. 3 times on normal, 4 times on heroic.
  • Healers dispel players with Embers.
  • Have players with immunity (paladin) or can handle heavy dmg and fall dmg (hunter demon hunter) to remove the fire pools on the ground.
  • When Bosses reaches 30 energy – Nuke the living bombs (enter the mist it is in to nuke it)
  • When boss reaches 60 energy – Players get tossed to one side and must move to rhe other by dodging circles on the ground and nuke a barrier on the other side in order to fight the bosses again.
  • When boss reaches 100 energy the monk becomes a dragon and the mage becomes a phoenix. Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism and nuke them down. Dodge the fire cone and pools on the ground.

Abilities and Tactics

Monk Boss

Harmonious Spirits

If the monk has more health than the mage, the monk does more dmg.
The dmg becomes higher and higher the more health the monk has compared to the mage.

Tactics: Harmonious Spirits

Have the health between the bosses at similar levels but keep the mage health higher than the monk.

Nuke monk
Cleave Mage

Whirling Jade Storm

  • Boss torpedoes away from tank.
  • If no melee attack on Boss, it will Shoot out waves of jade energy that does dmg to all players within 100 yards every 1 sec.

Tactics: Whirling Jade Storm

  • Anyone close to the boss must attack the boss in melee to stop the dmg.
  • Main tank move fast to the boss and tank again.

Multi-Sided Strike (Tank)

  • Boss knocks the main tank to the air above the platform.
  • The tank must face a mini scenario above the platform.
  • Boss summons 3 images that attacks the Tank, a Storm, an Earth and a Fire.
  • Each attack rushes to the tank and If the tank fails to use mitigation (defensives) on these attacks the player takes high damage.
  • After the attack, the main tank gets a 40 second debuff that increase damage taken by 100% (Tested)

Instead of 3, there are 4 attacks.
Further, when this boss becomes dragon form, all players face this Multi-Sided ability.

Tactics: Multi-Sided Strike (Tank)


  • Face the image that will attack you, it lights up just before it will attack you.
  • Make sure you use mitigation (defensive) on each attack.
  • Tank swap after each Multi-Sided Strike.


You cannot heal the tank when this happens.

Spirit of Xuen (HEROIC)

  • Boss summons Xuen spirit.
  • This spirit will target a random player and use tiger paw to dmg the player and also pounce forward while chasing, and when landing it does an attack that hits everyone within 5 yards.

Tactics: Spirit of Xuen (HEROIC)

  • Run and kite the Spirit when targeted by it.
  • Do not run close to other players or let the cat run through other players.

Mage Boss

Fire Ball / Rising Flames / Burnout

Boss shoots fire ball at main tank that does dmg and also leaves a debuff.

The debuff does fire damage every 1 sec.

When debuff ends, it does fire damage to all players. The damage is based on how many debuffs the tank has.

Tactics: Fire Ball / Rising Flames / Burnout

The tank swap occurs after each Multi-Sided Strike (tested debuff).

If the fire damage is too high, an option is too 3 tank this fight. In this way 2 tanks tank swaps Fire balls and also be ready to swap with 3rd tank on monk when tested debuff.

Beware of high incoming damage when the fire debuff expires on tanks.  

Pyroblast / Fire Shield

  • Boss puts a fire shield around it. This prevents from being interrupted.
  • Boss shoots a big Pyroblast a player, this does deadly damage and also deadly fire debuff.

Tactics: Pyroblast

  • DPS must nuke and destroy the shield every time it is up.
  • Interrupt the Pyroblast

Searing Embers

Boss puts a debuff on random players that does fire dmg every second for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds it does high fire damage to all players. But this can be dispelled to prevent.  

Tactics: Searing Embers

Dispel players with Searing Embers asap.

If you have mass dispel, stack up and use it.

Magma Trap

Boss creates fire traps on the ground.
If a player stands on it, all players within 6 yards will take very high damage and also be tossed into the air and the fall dmg will kill them.

Victims of the trap will take 100% more damage from future trap effects.

Tactics: Magma Trap

  • Have players with immunity running over the traps to clear the area.
  • Have players with good defensives and also fall dmg reduction to clear the area.

Team Attacks

Combined Power

This occur when the two bosses have reached a certain power and will use combined abilities.
This occurs a key points throughout the fight.

  • At 30 Power – Fire from Mist
  • At 60 Power – A flash of Hostility
  • At 100 Power – The Serpent and the Phoenix

When reaching 100 Power, the bosses will persist in the Serpent and Phoenix for the rest of the fight.

Fire from Mist – 30 Power

  • The bosses team up and summons 3 living bombs that must be destroyed because each bomb will continually blast all players with explosions and also fire beams that rotates and does very high fire damage.
  • Each bomb is inside a mist. You cannot attack the bombs if you stand outside the mist. Instead you must enter it and then you can attack it.
  • Players in the mist will take pulsating damage every 1 sec.

Tactics: Fire from Mist

Entire Raid enters one mist fire bomb at a time and nuke it down.
Healers can now heal others in here.
Tanks with their bosses will take cleave dmg.
Fire boss can be interrupted.
Make sure you have Monk Tank and some melee to engage the Monk boss asap when it moves torpedoes away.

A flash of Hostility – 60 Power

All players are ported to one side of the platform, bosses teleport to the other side.

Players must get to the other side and break the ice barrier so they can interrupt the bosses.

The path to the barrier has obstacles:

  • Ring of Hostility
    Several Rings are on the platform that you must dodge. If you enter one, you will be ported back again.

  • Phoenix Strike

A Phoenix crashes on a random place on the platform and does dmg to players within 6 yards.

Players must pick up Force Orbs and carry it across the platform, in order to use it on the barrier to allow players to attack weakpoints in the barrier.

Tactics: A flash of Hostility

Players must get to the other side and break the ice barrier so they can interrupt the bosses.

Classes like mages and Demon Hunters can pass this much easier.
Warlocks can create portals.

The main thing is to destroy the barrier on the other side asap and interrupt the bosses.

The Serpent and the Phoenix – 100 Power

The monk becomes a dragon and the mage becomes a Phoenix.

The Dragon
Does Dragon Breath in a cone.
HEROIC MODE – The breath leaves a fire trail on the ground that does dmg when standing on it.
HEROIC MODE – Tosses everyone to the air to do the mini scenario Multi-sided Strike.

The Phoenix
Does dmg to all players every 3 sec.
On main tank it does Rising Flames/Burnout (same as before)

Tactics: The Serpent and the Phoenix

Blood Lust and nuke them down fast.
Dodge the cone.

One Heroic mode
Move as one.
Dodge the breath and move away from the fire pools.


20 Jan 2019