BoD Raid Tactic Guide: High Tinker Mekkatorque

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This fight has 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Fight boss and control adds

Phase 2 – Sheep explosion phase

Phase 3 – Same as two but Boss is on Hyperdrive

This boss fight requires communication between players. On normal mode, everyone can help out and on heroic and mythic mode, specific players must communicate.


Seven abilities to master (six on Normal).

Electroshock Strikes (Tanks)

  • The damage boss does on tanks is Nature damage, each hit does moderate damage.
  • Each hit will also increase the damage by 15% and stacks.
  • This reset when hitting a new target.
  • The debuff is shown on boss not the player.

Tactics: Electroshock Strikes (Tanks)

  • The debuff is shown on boss not the player.
  • Tank swap when you take high damage, around 8-12 stacks.

Buster Cannon

  • Boss targets a random player and shoots his cannon at a random player.
  • This is a straight-line shot of a big orb.
  • If a player is hit, it does deadly damage, a ticking debuff and haste reduced by 100% for 8 sec.

Tactics: Buster Cannon

  • Targeted player stands still, everyone else move away.
  • The boss phases the player, makes it easier to spot and move away.
  • Targeted player can dodge it after it is shot.

Heavy Thrusters

  • Boss blasts off to the air and lands on a random location.
  • The blast off does very high dmg to players within 10 yards.
  • A circle on the ground shows were the impact will be.
  • The impact does moderate/high dmg to all players and also deadly dmg to any player hit by the impact.

Tactics: Heavy Thrusters

  • Melee and Tanks move away from boss before the Blast off
  • Raid must beware to move away from the impact.
  • Healers must be ready to top up the health of the raid after the impact.

Gigavolt Charge

  • Boss puts a debuff on players.
  • This debuff does ticking dmg to the players for 15 sec. When the timer expires, it does a blast that hits all targets in sight. The blast does dmg and high ticking dmg as well for 30 sec.
  • There are 4 big stones on each corner of the platform.
  • Standing behind the stone will line out of sight the dmg on raid.

Tactics: Gigavolt Charge

  • Run behind the big stone and wait until the debuff expires (a bomb on your head icon).
  • Several players will get this, make sure that you run to each of the four stones.

Deploy Spark Bot

Boss summons Spark Bots in to the platform.

Spark Bots can

  • Put a shield that reduce 99% dmg taken
  • AoE dmg of 8 yards that also stuns the players.
  • Shoot Spark volleys on random players
  • On Heroic, it can also increase movement speed and Haste, which stacks. After 5 stacks the Spark Bot reduces the duration of crowd control effects.

Players can be affected by an ability that shrinks them (Shrunk). The dmg dealt is reduced by 99% and normal sized players can step on you that does high dmg and stuns.
But being shrunk lets you enter the Spark Bot and shut it down.  

Shut down the Spark bot

Shrunk players enter the bots and above the head of the bot are symbols (codes) in a certain order. These can be seen by other players, but not the player that entered the bot.

After 45 seconds or if the code is entered wrong the player inside gets stunned and takes deadly debuff ticking damage for 12 sec.

HEROIC MODE – The image code is only visible to players inside other Spark Bots.

Tactics: Deploy Spark Bot

  • Crowd control the bots so they do not do dmg on the raid. Use entangle root etc.
  • Shrunk players must enter the bots and shut them down.
    Have other players in your raid telling you what symbol order it is so you can shut it down.
    Tell the code in whisper, or voice chat or say.
    If you can, use macro for each and whisper it, to make it go faster.
  • Other players must beware to NOT step on the shrunk players.
  • HEROIC MODE – Make sure to communicate with the other players inside the Spark Bots and tell them what image order you see and make sure they tell you as well.

World Enlarger

Players can be affected by an ability that shrinks them (Shrunk). The dmg dealt is reduced by 99% and normal sized players can step on you that does high dmg and stuns.
But being shrunk lets you enter the Spark Bot and shut it down.  

Tactics: World Enlarger

This ability is needed for when you shut down the Spark Bots (see above).

Make sure you do not step over the shrunk players. A good tip is to let the shrunk players always move away first during the different abilities.

Wormhole Generator (HEROIC)

Boss targets a players and entire raid is ported to that player.

Tactics: Wormhole Generator (HEROIC)

This ability is to mess us up because it overlaps with other abilities such as Giga Volt debuff and shrunk, beware.


  • Phase 2 starts at 40% boss health.
    Boss flies to the Air and and assaults players from above. Players cannot attack boss during this phase.
  • Boss throws down loads of sheep.
    After some seconds they will explode and the explosion will shoot out big fire orbs in several directions.
  • If a player is hit, they are knocked back, they take dmg and also a ticking debuff that stacks.
  • Gigavolt Charge debuff and shrink debuff happens during this phase as well.

Tactics: Phase 2

This phase is all about dodging. Dodge the fire orbs and the players that are shrunk.
Run behind one of the 4 big stones when you have the debuff.


  • Boss lands after a while and is now in hyperdrive.
  • Boss attack speed is increased by 30%.
  • Boss launches periodically  discharges at several players that does Nature dmg.
  • The rest of the abilities are the same as in phase 1.

Tactics: Phase 3

  • You will need to tank swap at earlier stacks now, 4-5
  • Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism at this phase.
  • The tactics are the same as in tactics of phase 1.


21 Jan 2019