BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Conclave of the Chosen


You will fight 4 bosses, but only two at a time. When one dies, the other gain full health. 

  • Kill order: Gonk, Kimbul, Paku, Akunda

  • Spread the bosses away from eachother.
  • Run away from raid when hex debuff

  • Kill raptor adds asap, dispell/spell steal them to slow them down

  • Run under the bird when it spawns
    One tank on back side
    One tank front side
    Raid stack up on front side, move away when you have debuff or frog jumps.
  • Things to pay attention to:
    * Kimbul debuff (Tiger Loa jumps on 3 players)
    * Akunda debuff (sparks on you, blows and leaves small orbs to dodge)
    * Frog jumps on your location.

  • Blood lust/Timewarp/Heroism when attacking Paku.
23 Feb 2019