Blizzcon 2015 Goodie Bag!

The goodie bag for Blizzcon is now revealed. Some “special” people got them on mail this week and opened them while in twitch/youtube.

Before we go in to what the goodie bag contains, it is very important to know that people that bought the Blizzcon ticket AND people that will buy the Virtual Blizzcon ticket will be able to buy this goodie bag.

The date for the release of virtual tickets is not out yet, but Blizzard said it’s very, very soon.

And now, what do we get:

  • The bag this year is an actual bag and not a plastic bag.
  • Murloc Illidan pin (Murkadin)
  • Hearthstone luggage tag
  • Inflatable StarCraft psi-blade
  • Overwatch badge
  • Diablo keychain, much like the Cute But DeadlyDiablo figurine from BlizzCon 2013
  • Heroes of the Storm vinyl figures
  • Elite Tauren Chieftan figure


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19 Aug 2015