Blizzard listens, checks and fixes

For almost a month ago I noticed that when fighting Killrogg with 10 players, it was very hard to kill adds when 2 dps went inside the portals. We had to handle 1 Blood and 2 Orcs at the same time when boss did his Fel shooting aoe on raid, meaning dps kill them on the move.

Since this felt almoust impossible, I had to contact Blizzard about this:


It seems that it wasn’t only me that noticed it, because now, it has been changed after this week´s hotfix.

Kilrogg Deadeye

Health of adds for the encounter have been reduced by roughly 20% for raid groups with 10 players on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This should help with the difficulty experienced by smaller raid groups losing their DPS when sending players down into the death phase. The health of adds scales back up and should be remain roughly unchanged from before as raid group size increases.

So the health is now reduced by 20% on the adds which is great! Now players like myself, don’t have to look for PUGs every time we come to this boss.

Thumbs up for Blizzard!

4 Aug 2015