Bind on Equipped (BoE) Gear in Dragonflight Outdoor

There are all kinds of different BoE gear in the outdoor world of Dragon Isles. 
You get BoE from various different sources which are: 

  • Random mobs

    The ilvl gear from random mobs is scaled to your character level.
    Once you reach max level (70), you will loot BoE from random mobs that has the ilvl of 292 when it comes to armor, and 302 when it comes to weapons. 

  • Rare

    There are rare mobs that are elite, these rares are harder to kill but they have a chance to drop 364 BoE Gear.
  • Event Bosses

    There are two types of event that has a boss in the end and these are
    - The Hunt (event unlocked by reaching Renown 5 with Maruuk Centaur)
    - Dragonbane Keep (event unlocked by reaching Renown 5 with Valdrakken Accord)
    These bosses has a big chance to drop BoE gear with 356 ilvl.
20 Oct 2022