BFA Raid Boss Tactics: Mythrax


Mythrax the Unraveler, Bringer of Oblivion, Slayer of Sethraliss: with his mission complete, he returns to his master's side to await further instruction.


This encounter has 2 phases that ping pong between them based on boss health.
In phase 1 you will fight the boss and in phase 2 you will fight adds.
The fight is all about handling Annihilation stacks and removing the stacks with fragment orbs.
Almost every ability will put a stacking Annihilation debuff and each stack removes 1% of total health.
You get different number of stacks depending on abilities.
You will also spawn fragment orbs when you get the Annihilation debuff (half amount of the stacks you get).

In phase 1 you must be spread in a half circle around boss and handle different abilities.
The main thing is to have enough fragment orbs for the tanks to pick up because the tanks get 60 Annihilation stacks when boss does the tank ability, and this doesn’t spawn any fragment orbs, so tanks need the help from raid orbs.

In phase 2, the boss is almost immune to dmg and does raid dmg at start of the phase.
Two types of adds will spawn in which one of them will spawn on random players (up to 5 adds) that must be interrupted and killed. They will not be tanked. The other type is bigger and spawns on each side of the platform and must be tanked far away from each other, otherwise they get boosted. These bigger adds must be phased away from raid and killed fast one by one and interrupted.


Phase 1

Main Tank
Tank boss close to the wall and face the boss  away from raid.

Off tank
Behind boss

Spread behind boss

Spread from each other further back behind boss

Phase 2

Boss moves to mid in this phase.
One tank on each side were an add will spawn.
Raid semi stack (5+ yards). Move to one side when bigg adds spawns on the sides.  

Abilities and Tactics

This encounter has 2 phases.

Phase 1 starts at 100% hp.
Phase 2 starts at  75% hp
Phase 1 starts again at 50% hp
Phase 2 starts again at 25% hp

There is a stacking debuff and a remove debuff stacks ability during the entire fight.

Debuff Annihilation

This debuff is the main debuff during the entire encounter.
One stack of this debuff reduces the players max health by 1 %.
It also does shadow damage every 3 sec.

Existence Fragment

These fragments are the main source to remove stacks of Annihilation during the entire encounter.
You spawn fragments near you, when you get hit by an ability that does Annihilation.
The amount of fragments are half of the amount of Annihilation.

When a player gets 2 Annihilation debuff, then 1 Fragments are spawned near that same player.
When a player gets 4 Annihilation debuff, then 2 Fragments are spawned near that same player.


Boss enters phase 1 at 100% and 50% hp.

Essence Shear (Tanks)

Boss does high Shadow dmg, frontal cone dmg.
This puts 60 Annihilation debuff on all players within 30 yards cone in front of boss.
Tank that is hit will not spawn any Fragments for 25 sec, during Annihilation stack.

Tactic: Essence Shear

Tank swap after every Shear dmg.

Main Tank
Tank boss faced away form raid.
After tank swap, run and collect fragments that raid members have spawned.

Stand behind boss.

Stand behind boss

Further back behind boss.

Obliteration Blast

Boss turns to random player direction and does a frontal cone blast.
Players that gets hit takes low Shadow dmg and gets 8 Annihilation.

Tactic: Obliteration Blast

Stand spread.
Once boss have turned to a random player direction, run away from it. 
IMPORTANT: If there are low amount of fragments on the ground, players must take the hit so fragments will spawn for tanks.

Oblivion Sphere

Big dark orbs that spawns on a random players.
Players hit will be charmed.
Players within 5 yards will also be charmed.

Charmed players will take Shadow damage and 1 Annihilation every 2 sec.
When charm orb is destroyed, it does shadow dmg to all players.

Tactic: Oblivion Sphere

Spread out in a half circle.
Do not stand within 5 yards form each other.
Help destroying the orbs asap.

Stand spread from each other in a half circle behind boss.
Help destroying the orbs asap.

Imminent Ruin

Boss puts a debuff on 2 random player, that does shadow dmg every 2 sec for 12 sec.
When debuff expires, it explodes, and puts 4 annihilation on players in 12 yards.
The explosion does high raid dmg, but the dmg is less, the further away the explosion is.

Tactic: Imminent Ruin

Have 2 markers on each side of the platform, behind raid.
Targeted players run to each side and wait for explosion.
Run back after debuff expires.
Remember that there will be fragments there now as well.

Healers beware for raid healing.


Boss enters phase 2 at 75% and 25% hp.
Boss runs to the center of the room and casts Oblivions Veil.
During this phase, the boss takes 99% dmg reduction and players take dmg if they come close to the boss.

During this phase, you will encounter (up to 5) Vision of madness adds and two N'raqi Destroyer adds and handle boss abilities at the same time.

Xalzaix's Awakening

This occurs at the start of phase 2 only.
Boss channels his weapon to do a big raid dmg.
During the channel, 2 Oblivion Spheres (same dark orbs on random players as phase 1) will spawn.
When the channel is completed, entire raid will take heavy dmg and all raid members will take 5 Annihilation debuff.

Tactic: Xalzaix's Awakening

Stay spread at the start of phase 2.
Destroy the orbs asap and be ready for the upcoming mechanics.

Healers beware for raid healing.

Vision of Madness (adds)

The amount of adds that spawns on top of players is based on amount of players in raid (max 5).
These adds will randomly shoot Mind Flay shadow dmg on raid members.
This is interruptible.

Tactics: Vision of Madness (adds)

Stand close to each other.
When adds spawn they can be killed by AoE dmg.
Interrupt the Mind Flay as much as possible.

These adds cannot be tanked, have your eyes up for the coming Destroyer adds when they spawn.

N'raqi Destroyer (adds)

Two will spawn on each side of the platform.
If they are close to each other by 50 yards, they take 80% less dmg and will do 80% more dmg (Critical mass)

These adds have 2 abilities.
1) Void Volley – an interruptible Raid dmg.
2) Essence Shear – same as the boss does in phase 1.
    Boss does high Shadow dmg, frontal cone dmg.
   This puts 60 Annihilation debuff on all players within 30 yards cone in front of boss.
   Tank that is hit will not spawn any Fragments for 25 sec, during Annihilation stack.

Tactic: N'raqi Destroyer (adds)

One tank on each add.
Face the adds away form raid.
Have survival CDs ready.
If vision adds are up, 1 tank move your Destroyer closer to the vision adds for cleave dmg (always make sure to face the adds away from raid when Essence of Shear.

If your add is dead first, tank swap as soon as possible.

All dps players nuke the same add and kill 1 add at the time.
Interrupt the Void Volley.

Essence Shatter

When boss reaches 10% health, players will not spawn any more Fragments.

Tactic: Essence Shatter

This is when you us Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism and burst the boss down.


The boss shoots a beam on random position that does very high dmg.


28 Aug 2018