BFA Raid Boss Tactics: MOTHER

Uldir´s titanic watcher was gifted with tenacity and an insatiable desire to discover a “solution” to the Old Gods. Her protocols have remained fully intact, even though many other systems in her facility have collapsed. WARNING: M.O.T.H.E.R will not accept aid from contaminated subjects. 


You will enter a big corridor divided in 3 chambers.

Starting the encounter, will start a "timer".

That timer (Cleansing Purge) is the boss energy bar.
When boss reaches 100 energy, the chamber she is in will be purged and that is more or less a wipe (high fire damage ever 1 sec). 

The task is to move from first to last chamber while fighting boss.
The boss will have 100% increased damage taken in the last room.

Between each chamber is a defensive grid. Passing it does raid dmg and summons an add for each player. The goal is to let 2-3 players pass per time.

The 3 chambers have mechanics to avoid


Chamber 1 and 2

Chamber 3


Sanitizing Strike (tank)

This is the only ability boss actually does and it is on tanks.
It is a 3 second cast that does frontal cone damage.
It´s fire dmg that puts a stacking debuff for 30 seconds, that increase dmg taken by 50%.

Tactic: Sanitizing Strike

Tank boss on the center of the platform and face the boss away from the grid players enter.
Tank swap every Sundering Scalpel.
Boss does scalpel around every 20 second.

The Defensive Grid

Between each chamber is a defensive grid.
Passing this grid does Arcane damage to ALL PLAYERS.
Passing this grid will put a stacking debuff on all players for 6 sec (dmg taken from grid increased).
Passing this grid will also summon a blob add for each player that passes.
This add does AoE dmg (300 yards) and a debuff that does nature damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
This is interruptible.

Tactics: The Defensive Grid

Divide the raid in two groups.
Have each group on each side of the grid you want to pass.
Tank boss on the center of the platform and face the boss away from the raid.

  • Let one from each group enter the grid so that 2-3 players enter per time.
  • Per time means, you must wait 6 second until the debuff expires before next players enter.
  • Start with ranged players to cc (stun push back etc) the adds while dpsing them.
  • Have a healer passing the grid early so the players on the other chamber can be healed. You cannot heal through the grid. 
  • Move boss closer to grid when only melee are left.
  • Off tank should pass when possible to help tanking the adds. 
  • Dps players that have entered the grid must focus on killing the blobs that spawns.
  • These adds must also be interrupted.


Wind Tunnel

Wind will push players to the side wall.
There are flames on the sides during wind tunnel.
Touching the flame does high fire damage.

Wind Tunnel Tactics

Use personal abilities to avoid being pushed to the wall.
There are positions near each grid that players can stand as well. This will avoid you from being pushed to the wall.

Purifying Flame

All players get a flame swirl under them.
After 3 seconds, each one will burst and do moderate fire dmg each within 3 yards.

Tactics: Purifying Flame

Make sure you avoid them.
If you are divided in 2 groups, the ranged can just move front, and when its done, they move back again.
Make sure you don’t stand to close to tanks.
Make sure to position boss back to where it was so all players will be in range.

Heroic: Uldir Defensive Grid

A cross Energy beam falls from above the last chamber.
When it hits the ground, it will start rotating. The rotation (left or right) is random.
Touching the beam kills the player.

Tactic: Uldir Defensive grid

Plan your path when the beam is on its way to land.
Stand exactly between 2 beams so you have time to act when it moves left or right.
Beware: Beam can come at the same time as wind.   

When to Blood Lust / Timewarp / Heroism

When you reach the last chamber because boss will take increased damage from players and kill it before the boss gets 100 energy and wipes the raid. 


6 Aug 2018