BFA Raid Boss Tactics: Fetid Devourer


The experiments within Uldir conducted tests upon countless lifeforms, including several loa who inhabited the forests around Zandalar. After the experiments proved lethal, the loa's remains were disposed of improperly, much to the delight of the dark consciousness imprisoned within Uldir.


In this encounter, there are 6 positions on the platform in which waste disposal can fall (2 positions per time).
From the waste, eggs will spawns periodically that, if not killed in time, will draw the boss to eat it and gain 10% health.
The boss will also target random player and do frontal cone breath.
The boss also hits like a truck on tanks and the tank swap mechanic goes fast (every 4th hit does 300% dmg on closest target) and tanks must hug each other/boss.
On heroic: boss will also do a knockback that knocks you really far away if not in front of a wall.


There is only phase 1 in this encounter.

Divide the raid in two groups

Group 1 on star
Group 2 on diamond
(Keep markers near the wall on heroic because of raid knockback)
(On normal mode, markers should be closer to boss)

Boss Abilities

Thrashing Terror (Tank ability)

Every fourth attack, The boss will use Thrash on the closest player to the current tank
Trash: 300% dmg of a standard melee attack

Tactic: Thrashing Terror (Tank ability)

Tanks should stand on top of each other and close to boss.
Off tank must use active Mitigation (defensive) every time Boss does Trash.
Tank swap EVERY TRASH.

Waste Disposal Units and Corruption Corpsucle

Waste Disposals are black waste that falls down on two of the 6 locations.
Standing inside the waste puts the Rotting Regurgitation debuff.
Two waste falls per time and it is the waste disposals that spawn egg (Corruption Corpuscle).

These are eggs that spawns in 2 of 6 locations in the room, randomly.
These eggs will have a cast timer (Enticing Essence) before they release hormones to draw the boss to eat them up.
If the boss eats an egg, it will heal for 10%.

Tactic: Waste Disposal Units and Corruption Corpsucle

Make sure you are positioned in a proper way to be able to move fast and nuke the eggs when they spawn. See positioning for best way to stand with boss and raid in this fight.
Melee should beware from being hit by any waste.

Divide the Raid in two groups.
Group 1, be ready to nuke egg(s) on left side.
Group 2 be ready to nuke egg(s) on side.

Rotting Regurgitation

Happens when boss reaches 100 energy
Boss targets random player direction and casts a cone shaped breath.
This does a knockback and puts a debuff on players hit.

This debuff is called Malodorous Miasma: Stacking debuff that does Nature damage for 18 sec. When debuff expires, it mutates and does another debuff (Putrid Paroxysm).
Putrid Paroxysm debuff does nature dmg every 2 sec for 6 sec and stacks as well (from Malodorous Miasma).

Tactic: Rotting Regurgitation

See positioning on best way to stand with boss and raid in this fight.
Avoid getting hit by this frontal breath.
On normal mode: Have the markers closer to boss since no knockback. In this way, you can avoid the frontal breath much easier.

Heroic mode: Shockwave Stomp

Boss does a big knockback on all players that also does physical dmg.

Tactics: Shockwave Stomp

See positioning on best way to stand with boss and raid in this fight to avoid being knocked away too far.
Make sure you have a wall behind you so you don´t get knocked away to far.

Fetid Frenzy

When boss reaches 50% health
Dmg dealt is increased by 25%
Dmg taken increased by 50%.

Tactic: Fetic Frenzy

Tanks will take very heavy damage here. Even before this frenzy, the boss does high dmg to tanks.
Blood lust/Time Warp/Heroism and nuke it down.

When to Blood Lust/ Timewarp/ Heroism

When boss reaches 50% health and goes frenzy. Boss will do 25% increased dmg and also take 50% more dmg.


7 Aug 2018