BEST WEEK EVER for leveling alts


Mark on your calendars the following dates

5th - 8th of July

Thats the time where you will have LOADS of experience buffs at the same time that also stacks together. The buffs are following: 

  • Winds of Sanctuary 50% exp (50% rep)
  • Darkmoon Faire 10% epx
  • Midsummer Festival 10% exp

That´s a total of 70% extra experience during those days. 

Also, that week, we are getting Timewalking, which means that when doing dungeons, you are getting 50% more exp for completing the Timewalking dungeons compared to “normal” dungeons. 

Also, completing quests in warmode, rewards 10% extra experience. 

Also, if you are level 49 or below, you can buy the Bind on Account item “Draught of ten lands” which gives you 10% extra experience for 1 hour,

Also, if you are in a guild and can buy the Battle Standard of Coordination from guild vendor, then you get 15% experience for killing mobs. 

Thank you Toolock for coming up with the extra ideas. 

20 Jun 2023