Best way to farm Artifact Power in 8.2


The one that rewards artifact power gives 3000 + 600 Artifact Power

600 Artifact Power for the ones that rewards other stuff.

World Quests

The ones that gives high artifact power. Get world quest list addon to check it easier.

Warfront World Quests

The ones that gives artifact power.

Contributions for the Warfront

There are 3 per day and gives 500 Artifact Power each.


You get Artifact Power when killing bosses in Eternal Palace when doing normal/heroic/mythic, but you only get it once per boss no matter difficulty.
You get 900 Artifact Power per boss.

Battle of Dazar´alor and Crucible of Storm rewards 300 per boss.  

Mythic Plus weekly chest

The higher mythic plus you do, the higher Artifact Power you get in the weekly chest.

Weekly Island Expedition

Cap the weekly quest and you get 3500 Artifact Power.
This also gives you a treasure map that rewards Artifact Power as main reward or/and bonus reward.

Rares in Nazjatar and Mechagon

Rewards around 100 Artifact Power per rare.

Follower Missions

Do the ones that rewards Artifact Power. Get the app to the phone and do it when you are bored at work or school.


4 Aug 2019