Best talents for Plunderstorm

If you want to maximize your chances of winning in the Plunderstorm event, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Prioritize Elites: Instead of wasting time fighting ordinary trash mobs, focus on defeating the elites marked by stars on the map. These enemies provide the most experience points and spells, which can greatly enhance your abilities during the event.

  2. Chests are Key: While progressing through the event, make sure to prioritize opening chests. Chests not only provide valuable loot but also grant significant experience points and spells. Keep an eye out for them and collect as many as you can.

Best Offensive Spells:

  • Searing Axe: This spell is incredibly powerful and can deal massive damage to your enemies. Use it to quickly eliminate tough opponents and gain an advantage in battle.
  • Fire Whirl: Another potent offensive spell, you become a Fire Whirl and can steer where to go as well. This spell is particularly effective against groups of enemies or event single enemy. 
  • Storm Archon: This spell has several abilities before the CD starts. Super good. 
  • Rime Arrow: If you prefer ranged combat, Rime Arrow is a great choice. It allows you to shoot icy arrows at your foes and never misses. 

Best Defensive/Movement Spells:

  • Repel: This defensive spell creates a protective shield around you, deflecting incoming attacks and providing temporary invulnerability. Use it strategically to avoid taking unnecessary damage. It also push back and silences the enemy. 
  • Quaking Leap: Not only is Quaking Leap an effective offensive spell, but it also serves as a defensive maneuver. It allows you to leap away from danger quickly or close the gap between you and your enemies, providing both offensive and defensive advantages.

Best Bag:

  • Gnomish Gravity Launcher: When it comes to choosing the best bag for the Plunderstorm event, the Gnomish Gravity Launcher stands out. With this you will leap in the air when you need to run away from there. There is no better one than this by far. 
19 Mar 2024