Best Garrison Building Setup For Pve

Large Buildings (2 buildings)

  • War Mill
  • Free choice (recommend Goblin Workshop)

Medium Buildings (2 buildings)

  • Lumber Mill
  • Trading Post

Small Buildings (3 buildings)

  • Have a profession in Tailoring, Blacksmithing, or Leatherworking depending on your class and choose that building.
  • Have a profession that goes hand in hand with the above profession, also depending on your class.
  • Enchanting Study or Alchemy Lab

Explanation why

War Mill

  • Quest rewards have a double chance of turning in to rare or epic Bonus Loot!
  • Grants you 1 Seal of Tempered Fate every week. Seal of Tempered Fate are used as Bonus Loot in Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and World Bosses. (Like Elder Charm of Good Fortune worked in MoP)
  • Gear for followers - You can grind Garrison Resources and use it on making gear for followers, leading to that your followers can do harder quest, leading to better rewards, leading to better gear for you.
  • Extras: - Transmog items

Lumber Mill

  • When having the Lumber Mill you can harvest small, medium and large trees for timber. Timber is used as working orders that will give you Garrison Resources.

Trading Post

  • You can trade in crafting reagents for Garrison Resources. Each day will be a different type of reagent that the Trading Post wants. This gives you high amount of Resources.
  • Extras: - You will also be able to build an auctioneer.
    - At Level 3 you will get reputation gain by 20%

Profession buildings

First of all I recommend that you have a profession that lets you to craft gear for you to wear; Tailoring (Cloth), Blacksmithing (Plate), Leatherworking (Leather, Mail).

When you have this profession your first building will be for that profession. This lets you to craft materials to make awesome raid gear. Starts with 640 ilvl that you can upgrade up to 665 ilvl. You can craft this once per day and you can also let the building craft it for you, which you should. And buy turning n Primal Spirits, you can even buy more of that special material. This way will fasten your crafting to make awesome gear much faster.

The reason why you should choose one of these is because enchanting will save you gold on enchants. It will also let you disenchant items you don’t want. Meaning you don’t have to buy crafting materials or the enchant. You can also sell crafting materials when you get loads.

The reason why should choose Alchemy is because it lets you to craft flasks that are expensive on AH. And you know that you always use flasks on raids. And flasks that you don’t need can be given to guild members or sold on AH.