BEST place to farm Nethershards and Dauntless Tokens (IN PTR!)

I haven’t added this farming way in my Nethershards/Dauntless/Relinquished Guides because this is too good to be true and will most likely change when 7.2 hits live. But I want to point it out, and who knows, maybe it won’t change after all, or the drop % will decrease.                                                                                                                                                     

The best farming place for Nethershards and Dauntless Tokes is in Wrynfall, located further down from the entrance of the new raid, Tomb of Sargeras.

This area spawns’ elite demons frequently and since they are elite they have a higher drop of Nethershards, with higher drop rate and also higher drop rate to drop dauntless tokens.

Before I came here I got 1 Dauntless token in 1-2 hours.
When I grinded here, I got 4 in 15 minutes!

Remember, this is during PTR so things might change. If it doesn’t, this area will be over populated in live most likely.

Best thing is to come here when your server is less populated.

If this will be a good place in live, then don’t buy Dauntless tokens for Nethershards. Grind them here and buy the Relinquished tokens instead. Even if your gear sucks, you can come here and tag mobs if there are other players killing them.

5 Mar 2017