Best and Fastest way to farm reputation & Mysterious Fragments

First of all, a HUGE shoutout to Toolock for telling about this. 

If you are farming Azerothian Archives reputation and/or Mysterious Fragments but not used this method, then it will take you a very long time to be done. BUT, if you will use this tactic, it will increase your amount of reputation and fragments by A LOT.

Before we go through the hardcore way to farm, we have to go through the general ways of farming the currency and reputation. 

The general ways of farming:

  1. Complete the the storyline that is tied to the azerothian archives. This unlocks world quests that rewards reputation and mysterious fragments. You will also get reputation during the storyline. The quest for the storyline starts in the roasted inn in valdrakken /way 48. 47.
  2. The Big Dig event. The event is located in Azure Span in Dragon Isles. Check map.

This event is every half an hour. It is during this event that you will min-max the reputation and mysterious fragment gain. This is how you do it: 

Head to the Big Dig event and wait until it starts. When it starts, check what the reward is. There are 4 types of items that rewards different amount of reputation and currency: 

  • uncommon (Appendix).
    Rewards low amount of Mysterious Fragments and only 5 reputation. 
  • uncommon (Dusty)
    Rewards low amount of Mysterious Fragmentsand 25 reputation. 
  • Rare (Preserved)
    Rewards medium amount of Mysterious Fragmentsand 50 reputation. 
  • epic (Immaculate)
    Rewards high amount of Mysterious Fragments and 100 reputation. 

There is also a weekly quest that rewards 5000 Mysterious Fragments once you complete the Big Dig event. 

Big Brain Farming

The gameplay here is to aim for the better tomes that gives higher rewards and as fast as possible.

  1. If you have an uncommon reward at the start of the event, you must change it. You change it by opening the “Group Finder” and select “Premade group” and then “custom”. Make sure that the Filter on top right corner has all the languages marked. 
  2. Type “Big Dig” on the search bar and join any of them that pops up. Most of the time you will change realm, which means that you will chance event reward on the bar.

The goal is to join groups that have good rewards. Also, if you join a group that has uncommon reward, then check the progress bar, because they might complete it fast. So, then you can stay anyway since you will get a tome fast. 

Continue doing this during the event and you will get much more tomes and also better quality of tomes compared to the “normal” way. 

Before the event is over, make sure that you have joined a group where your character is in another realm. The goal now when the dragon comes in the end is to kill that dragon fast, then loot it fast and leave group. This will take you to your realm, when you leave group. Now, there is a high chance that the dragon is up on your realm, so be ready to tag it fast before it dies. In this way you will get double reward of reputation and fragments. 

If there are no events up for “The Big Dig”, then open the “Qusting tab” on “Premade Groups” instead. Search Azure Span and join whatever pops up there. In this way you will increase the chance on joining another realm. It has to be Azure Span otherwise you will not change realm when you join. 


Do not open ANY tomes until 4th of February. 
At this time, we will have Lunar Festival and Darkmoon Faire events up at the same time. This means that you will get 20% extra reputation in total from these two event buffs. 

You will get LOADS of tomes that will take a lot of your bag space. But if you do like me, then you will use your mailbox as an extra bag space. Items in the mail will stay there for 30 days before it is removed. So, when you loot and have no space in your bags, it will end up in your mailbox. 

21 Jan 2024