New this year: Become a gnome (alliance) or goblin (horde) and get a Globe Yeti!

Unfortunately, you will only become winter veil gnome/goblin when you are inside the globe ☹

Travel to Ironforge.
there is a Giant Snow Globe outside the bank.
Enter the Globe.
You are now a winter veil Gnome!

Travel to Orgrimmar
There is a giant Snow Globe in Valley of Wisdom.
Enter the Globe.
You are now a winter veil Goblin!

How to get the Globe Yeti pet

  • Travel to the Giant Snow Globe
  • Wait for the yeti to spawn next to the snow man (spawns every 30 min)
  • When it spawns you pet battle fight it.
  • Cage it
  • You got it!,

More info and tips
Only 1 player per spawn can get it.
If there are several players there that are also waitning. Have a macro " /tar Globe Yeti
Then you increase the chance of fighting him first. 


16 Dec 2017