Battle for Azeroth: Zones

There will be two new continents and they are divided in:

Horde leveling continent – Zandalari.
This continent is divided in 3 zones

  • Zuldazar
  • Nazmir
  • Vol´dun

Alliance leveling continent - Kul Tiras.
This continent is divided in 3 zones

  • Tiragarde Sound
  • Drustvar
  • Stormsong Valley

All zones are level scaled so you can choose were to go.
After you level up in your faction zone, the entire world opens at level 120.

Alliance – Kul Tiras

This continent is ruled by a race called Kul Tiran.
The continent is divided in 3 zones in which each zone is ruled by its own leader.

  • Tiragarde Sound
    Ruled by Katherine Proudmoore
    This is the capital of Kul Tiras

    The heart of Kul Tiras is sick with infighting and corruption. Gangs run rampant while the noble leaders squabble for power and influence.
    Expose a deadly conspiracy and restore House Proudmoore to its former glory.

  • Drustvar
    Ruled by House Waycrest

    The stalwart protectors of House Waycrest hold fast along the western border, but recently all contact with them has been lost.
    Travel beyond the frontier to learn of their fate and battle the resurgence of an ancient and terrifying enemy.


  • Stormsong Valley
    House Stormsong Valley

    The Kul Tiran fleet has been lost at sea. The Stormsong Tidesages, with their mystical oceanic magic, may be our only way to locate the fleet of legend. 

    This zone is invaded by Dark forces.

    You will provide ships to Kul Tiras.

Horde Zone – Zandalar

This continent is ruled by a race called the Zandalari.

  • Zuldazar
    Ruled by the King Rastakhan
    This is the capital of the Zandalari.

    King Rastakhan is an ancient ruler who is not quick to trust new allies. We must earn his trust if we are to earn his fleet.
    Zuldazar is the seat of power for the Zandalar empire and a good place to start winning over these potential allies.
    Main Mission: Earn the trust of King Rastakhan and the Zanchuli Council.
    You will help them from blood troll invaders.

  • Nazmir
    This is a swampland (caused by the cataclysm).
    The blood trolls within the cursed swap Nazmir threaten to destroy all of Zuldazar.
    Princess Talanji wants the Horde´s help in an expedition strike at the heart of the blood trolls and end their threat to Zuldazar.

    Main mission: Journey with Princess Talanji to the dark swamps of Nazmir to put an end to the threat of the blood trolls.

  • Vol´dun
    This is a desert zone.
    There are loads of criminals that have been exiled.
    General Jakra´zet detests the Horde and cannot be trusted. As long as he remains in power, the cíty will never be safe. 


21 Mar 2018