Battle for Azeroth: Gameplay, Leveling, and Endgame (outdoor)

Leveling in Battle for Azeroth

There will be two new continents and these zones are divided in:

Horde leveling continent – Zandalari.
This continent is divided in 3 zones

  • Zuldazar
  • Nazmir
  • Vol´dun

Alliance leveling continent - Kul Tiras.
This continent is divided in 3 zones

  • Tiragarde Sound
  • Drustvar
  • Stormsong Valley

All zones are level scaled so you can choose were to go.
After you level up in your faction zone, the entire world opens at level 120.

This flexibility makes it easier to play with your friends.

  • The world scales to the player, not the other way around. Players do not get nerfed.
  • You will get appropriate quest rewards for your level.

Endgame – Outdoor Gameplay

Similar to Legion, there will be a system of outdoor world quests, that will be ongoing constantly, and constantly shuffling.

Every time you log in, your map is filled with various objectives, various types of gameplay with varied reasons and awards.

You can choose what you want to do, which zone(s) you want to go to. How you want to approach tackling the outdoor world.

Each one of the icons on the map represents a world quest, an objective you can go to, and the award is visible on the map.

The quest will be around for some period of time, they will vary widely from Just a few hours; Simple objectives that the one shown which rewards you Azerite. And some objectives vary up to an entire week that are more difficult and rewards epic loot.

The Hallmark of this system is variety in which you will be overwhelmed objectives. Think that the things our Garrison followers did, we as players will do instead.

These Outworld quests will be tied to

  • Specific reputation factions
  • PvP Objectives (for example assaulting alliance towers as horde and kill a few NPC there)
  • World Raid Bosses (the boss comes and sticks there for 7 days, and gives you an awesome epic award when killed)
  • Profession missions (players with professions will have access to unique objectives that are specific to your gathering skill that others can´t)
  • Minigames (minigames such as the rolling ones)

The map with objectives are the same within each region, meaning Europe will have the same, Northern America will have the same and so on.


25 Mar 2018