Battle for Azeroth 8.0: Warforged/Titanforged/Legendary/WQs

Warforged and Titanforged

The system of warforging and titanforging is that items can drop at a higher quality.
It will continue, but with more tweaking and tuning the numbers and the frequency of when those events will occur.
The Azerite armor will be not become warforged nor titanforged.


Legendary items

The legendary system will not be carrying forward from Legion. 
The Legendary items you have from Legion will drop in power when you hit max level in Battle for Azeroth (lvl 120).


World quests

We will have world quests in Fight for Azeroth the same way we have in Legion.
Emissaries will be added the same way as well.
This will in the new zones that are coming out and also on the rest of Azeroth.



10 Nov 2017