Auctioning for parts quest – Detailed list

Do you want your own action house in your Garrison? Presented here are all the parts needed and also were they can be obtained to complete the quest. Also, if you are having trouble getting some of these drops you can check AH.

You may also obtain them when completing Garrison Invasions Gold.

Arcane Crystal Module

Random drops found in garrison invasions or in Draenor raids.

- Arcane Crystal Casing
- Arcane Crystal Conduit
- Arcane Crystal Amplifier
- Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens

Auction Control Module

Random drops found in Draenor dungeons.

- Auction Memory Socket
- Auction Connecting Valve
- Auction A.D.D.O.N.S. Installer

Universal Language Module

Random drops found from killing Ashran mobs.

- Universal Language Compensator
- Universal Language Filter
- Universal Language Repository

Super Cooling Module

Random drops found in Talador, Shadowmoon Valley, or Nagrand.

- Super Cooling Regulator
- Super Cooling Tubing
- Super Cooling Coolant
- Super Cooling Pump

Cyclical Power Module

Random drops found in Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, or Spires of Arak.

- Cyclical Power Converter
- Cyclical Power Housing
- Cyclical Power Framing
- Cyclical Power Sequencer


19 Dec 2014