Argus Raid Boss Tactics: Antoran High Command


Long ago in the golden age of eredar civilization, a council was formed to oversee the defense of Argus and maintain peace. But after their dark bargain was struck with Sargeras, these master tacticians used their military expertise to help orchestrate a Burning Crusade that ravaged countless worlds.

Now the full might of the Legion´s army is theirs to command, and they wield this terrible power to annihilate all who oppose the Dark Titan´s will.



There are 3 pods around the platform, each one designated for each boss, which are 3.

You will fight 3 bosses but one at the time, the other two bosses will be inside their Pods.

Boss on the platform does damage to tanks.

Bosses inside pods have special abilities.
- One throws mines
- One summons adds.
- One does deadly AoE dmg on the platform.

Players should enter the Pod that is free and use the abilities
- One pod does dmg taken increased on adds.
- One pod interrupts and slows adds
- One pod place a shield dome to protect against the deadly AoE dmg on the platform.

Players should move soft stacked behind boss and tank should move boss clockwise whenever mines appear. Players should have designated players with immunity/defensives to clear mines on ground.




Start tanking on the upper side of the platform.
Move boss clockwise when:

  • Mines are thrown.
  • If a Shocktrooper charges you.

Soft stack behind boss (5 yard spread every time adds spawn).


Abilities and Tactics

This encounter is one big phase with 3 bosses jumping in and out from their pod periodically.
Players must use the empty pod to either counter the abilities the other bosses do from their pod and help killing adds and destroy mines on the platform.

The 3 bosses have the same ability when they are on the platform:

Exploit Weakness

Boss does high physical dmg on tank and leaves a stacking debuff.
The debuff does increase dmg taken by 75% for 20 sec.

Tactic: Exploit Weakness

Used defensive cooldowns when needed.
Tank swap at 3 stacks.


Boss abilities when inside the Pod

Admiral on Pod – Fusillade

This boss will periodically make a legion ship blast the entire platform.
The blast does high fire dmg.
Each blast will make the next blast increase its damage by 25%.

Tactic: Fusillade

Every time Admiral is on the Pod, the Engineer Pod is free to enter.
The Engineer Pod has a special ability that places a dome shield on the platform for 10 sec.
Use this ability from the engineer pod and entire raid must stand inside it (player in engineer pod can stay).


Engineer on Pod – Entropic Mine

This boss will periodically create several mines at player direction.
After 3 seconds, they will be armed.
Touching it does high fire damage to players within 6 yards and a ticking debuff for 4 seconds that does fire damage.

Tactic: Entropic Mine

Entire raid soft stack behind boss with 5 yards spread between each other.
Start tanking boss on top of the platform.
When mines are thrown into the platform, move as one clockwise, away from the mines.
Let players with immunity and off tank clear some mines when needed.


General on Pod – Summon Reinforcements

This boss will summon waves of adds, and there are two types of adds:
- Pyromancers -> Shoot pyoblasts at random player that does very high fire damage.
- Shocktroopers -> Charges at a random player and does knockback and slow on that player. Also, it does whirlwind AoE physical dmg to players within 5 yards every second.

Tactic: Summon Reinforcements

Entire raid soft stack behind boss with 5 yards spread between each other.
When adds spawn, AoE them down fast.
Pyromancer: Interrupt always
Shocktrooper: Stun and nuke when whirlwind (if that is not possible on live: move slightly away (5y) from the add and nuke them down.

Important: Do NOT wonder of, stay with your raid, soft stacked, 5 yards between.


Players on Pod

When a boss is on the platform, its pod is free to enter.

Entering a pod does ticking damage on that player, and the dmg taken will also be increased the longer the player is inside.

Tactic: Player swapping on Pod

The best would be to have 3 tanks in this fight.
2 tanks on boss and swap at 3 stacks.
1 tank on pod, and swap with one of the other 2 tanks if the dmg is getting to high.

If you don´t have 3 tanks
Have 2 players swapping on pod.
Beware on Engineer´s Pod: Do not swap when Admiral does Fusillade so that you are ready to use the shield dome.

Beware to heal up the player inside the Pod.


Each Pod has two abilities;
- One ability that does dmg with now cooldown.
- One ability that is Pod special, with a cooldown.


Entering Admiral´s Pod

The special ability (Withering Fire) does high AoE dmg and also increase dmg taken on adds.

Tactic: Admirals Pod

Nuke boss with the single target ability.
Place the Withering Fire ability on adds that should be grouped up with the tactic you use above.


Entering Engineer´s Pod

The special ability places a shield on the platform that protects against the big dmg that kills players (Fusillade). That Admiral does when she is in the pod.

Tactic: Engineer´s Pod

Nuke boss with the single target ability.
Place the shield dome, Felshield Emitter, on the raid just before Admiral does Fusillade from her Pod. 


Entering General´s Pod

The special ability places a Beacon on the platform.
This Beacon interrupts the add, slows the adds, and destroys close by mines.

Tactic: General´s Pod

Nuke boss with the single target ability.
Use the special ability, Summon Beacon, on the adds when they spawn. Adds should be grouped up with the tactic you use above.


When to blood lust

If the boss swaps are health related
Pop on third phase, when the engineer is out.

If the boss swaps are not health related
On Pull
At start there is a window where nothing chaotic happens, so that window is good to nuke the boss hard.


9 Oct 2017