Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: The Coven of Shivarra


Having proven themselves to be the most depraved and fanatical of all his followers, Sargeras entrusted the Coven with the unholy task of twisting the minds of the fallen titans into an unstoppable Dark Pantheon. Each sister employs her own signature brand of torture, eliciting screams which echo throughout the halls of Antorus. It is said that neither mortal nor demon can refuse their whispers, making it only a matter of time before the will of the titans is broken.



There are 3 bosses
Noura – Fire boss
Asara – Shadow Boss
Diima – Frost Boss

There are 4 trapped titan souls


You will fight 2 bosses on the platform.
The 3rd boss will be on corner floor above you and cannot be attacked.
The 3rd boss torments titan souls.
When 3rd boss torments titan souls two times, it will jump down and swap with a boss from platform.
The bosses share health.
The bosses on platform will have 99% reduced damage if they are within 18 yards from each other.
Each boss must be tanked away from each other.
Each boss does 3 abilities on Heroic (2 on normal).
The tank swap is mainly when The fire boss Noura does 4 stacks of Fulminating Pulse.

Tormented Titan Souls

When a titan soul is tormented, it forces the titan to do a special ability on raid.
There are 4 special abilities, one from each titan soul.
Each torment ability summons attackable spectral adds on the platform.
- When tormenting Norgannon
spawns several adds on each side of the platform that travels towards the middle.
- When tormenting Khaz´goroth
One spawns adds on each corner and side that channels fire beam towards the center.
- When tormenting Aman´thul
One spawns adds on each side that puts stacking dmg debuff on players and heals themselves.
- When tormenting Golganneth
One spawns adds on each side that shoots lightning (chain light) damage on players and nearby players.



The basic setup at pull and when no spectral adds will spawn

Tank boss on each side of the platform.

In center of the platform spread from each other.

Divided between the two bosses on the platform

Abilities and Tactics


General abilities

If the bosses are near each other (within 18 yards), they will take 99% reduced damage (Shivan Pact)

Sense of Dread

When a titan´s soul is tormented, they will do increased Shadow Damage (Sense of Dread).
This is a stacking debuff that entire raid gets.
In general, raid will have 6 stacks of this before the torment is over.
Beware of tank when Shadow boss is out since it does high Shadow damage on tank already.
On Heroic, beware of Storm of Darkness that Shadow boss does. This is ticking Raid shadow damage over 15 sec.

Each boss does 3 abilities on Heroic (2 on normal).
Noura does fire damage.
Asara does Shadow damage.
Diima does Frost damage.


Boss 1: Noura, Mother of Flames

Fiery Strike (tanks)

Fire boss does a frontal cone attack, that does high fire damage.
This leaves a stacking debuff on tank.
The debuff does 100 increased damage by Fiery Strike.

Tactic: Fiery Strike (tanks)

Use defensive on every strike.
Tank swap at 4 stacks.


Whirling Saber

Fire boss throws a flaming sword on random player direction, that does fire dmg on hit.
This sword stars spinning and moves back to fire boss.
Any player getting hit takes fire damage every 1 sec.

Tactic: Whirling Saber

Stay spread in the center.

Do not attack this boss when it is on the platform.
Instead, attack the other boss.
In this way, you will decrease the chance getting hit by blade when it returns back to boss.

Move away from blade when it travels towards you and move away when it returns back to fire boss.


Fulminating Pulse (Heroic)

Fire boss targets random players and puts a debuff.
A circle is created under targeted players.
The debuff does high fire damage every 1 sec for 10 sec.
When the debuff is gone (after 10 sec), it explodes and does fire damage to all players within 6 yards.

Tactic: Fulminating Pulse (Heroic)

Targeted players
Make sure that you don’t stand close to other players when it is about to explode (after 10 sec).

This does high damage.
Make sure to heal up all targeted players.


Boss 2: Asara, Mother of Night

This boss has no tank swap ability.

Shadow Blades (Tanks)

Boss shoots 3 blades in a cone in front of her.
This does a knock back and high Shadow damage.

Tactic: Shadow Blades (Tanks)

Always face the Shadow boss away from raid.
Have a wall behind you so you don’t get knocked back far away.
You want to be in range for tank swapping the other boss when times comes.
Use a defensive cooldown for every Shadow blades.
Remember that you have a stacking debuff of Sense of Dead when a titan is getting tormented.
This debuff increase shadow damage taken, meaning you will take a lot of damage from these blades when you have higher stacks of the debuff.

Beware of tank on Shadow boss.
The tank will take high damage from the Shadow blades, especially when having higher stacks of Sense of Dead debuff (that raid gets when a titan soul is getting tormented).


Touch of Darkness

Shadow boss will cast a shadow bolt for 5 sec on random target.
This does moderate Shadow damage.

Tactic: Touch of Darkness

Boss will spam this ability all the time.
This is a minor raid damage during the entire time Shadow Boss is on the platform.
Beware when a titan soul is tormented, because you get a Sense of Dread debuff that increase shadow damage taken.


Storm of Darkness (Heroic)

Shadow boss makes the platform dark and does 1 million shadow damage every 1 sec for 15 sec.

Tactic: Storm of Darkness (Heroic)

There are square boxes that spawns during this darkness.
Run inside them for damage reduction.
Healers, beware for raid damage.


Boss 3: Diima, Mother of Gloom

Flashfreeze (tank)

Frost Boss does a very high frost damage on tank.
This also leaves a stacking debuff for 20 sec that slows movement speed by 10%.

Tactic: Flashfreeze

The tank that can take more damage will tank this boss, because tank swap might not be needed.
Use defensive cooldown for each Flashfreeze.
If tank swap is needed, then swap when tank has used to many defensive cooldowns.


Chilled Blood (Healers)

Frost boss puts a healing absorb on random player.
If the absorb is not healed through, that target is frozen based on how much heal is remaining on the absorb.

Tactic: Chilled Blood (Healers)

Heal the players with Chilled Blood fast to remove the absorb.


Orb of Frost (Heroic)

Frost Boss summons a Frost Orb for 20 sec.
This orb does almost 1 million in raid damage.
Players will be slowed up to 85% movement speed.
The further players are from the Orb,  the less % decreased movement speed.

Tactic: Orb of Frost

Run far away from the Orb but keep spread from each other.
Run back to positions fast when orb is gone after 20 sec.
Tank can stay on position.
Melee attacks other boss if not Fire boss.


Torment of the Titans

A titan is tormented for 1 min and 20 sec.
During this time, players get stacking debuff of Sense of Dread (increase shadow dmg taken)

Spectral Army of Norgannon

Each side will have spectral adds standing in a line.
After some sec, they start walking slowly to the other side, closing you in.
After some time, they will despawn.
Any player close to a spectral add (within the circle around each add) will take very high arcane damage every sec.

Tactic: Spectral Army of Norgannon

Stack up in the center.
Players that can slow /freeze/knockback must do so.
In this way, you will create a gap between them, so you can pass.
After passing the first time, zig zag between them until they despawn.



Fury of Golganneth

4 adds will spawn on each side of the platform and creates a storm that does very high Nature dmg to players that are within 2 yards of each other.

Tactic: Fury of Golganneth

Destroy the 4 adds fast.
Make sure you are spread from each other during this storm.


Flames of Khaz’goroth

8 spectral adds are summoned in total standing on each side and corner.
They channel a fire beam towards the center.
Player hit takes very high fire damage every second.

Tactic: Flames of Khaz’goroth

Move further back so you tank your boss between 2 ghost adds.

Move behind each tank

Nuke the adds fast

Machinations of Aman´Thul

4 Spectral adds spawns on each side of the platform.
They casts “Machinations of Aman´Thul” that takes 10 seconds. This does 2 things:
1) This restores their health to 100%.
2) Puts a debuff on all players. This does damage every 1 sec for 21 sec and stacks.

Machinations of Aman´Thul

Nuke one add at the time.
You cannot interrupt or stun these adds.





14 Nov 2017