Archaeology in Dragonflight

There are two NPC´s in Waking Shore in Dragon Isles that are Archaeologists. Emilia Bellocq and Toth Twofingers. These two are located in Wingrest Embassy. When asking what they are doing there they say:

“Many of these statues are quite valuable but in despair. We collect the pieces that break off and safeguard them from looters and souvenir hunters. If you find any such piece, bring them to us for safeguard, till a proper restoration effort can be undertaken.”

I haven't found any item yet to deliver to them. 

However, Emilia is also a vendor. She sells two items:

  • Secondhand Survey Tools
    Set up a survey equipment, so it looks as if you are doing something very important. (30 min cooldown). “Great for looking like you are doing something”.

  • Archeologist Artifact Notes
    Bind when picked upUse: Marks your map with the location of a treasure in The Waking Shores. “i found an extremely rare and valuable artifact that I´ve hidden somewhere in the Waking Shores”. 

It will show where the treasure is when u open the map. 

At the moment, the reward is a placeholder. 


14 Sep 2022