GUIDE: Arathi Loremaster - Get the Arathi Book Collection Toy

Arathi Loremaster is a task treasure icon on the map. To start this task you must head to Mereldar and talk to Ryfus Sacredpyr (/way 40.01, 51.12). 

This NPC will ask you 6 questions that you must answer to be rewarded with a toy “Arathi Book Collection”. To answer the questions, you must find a book for each question, the correct answer is not shown if you havent achieved the book tied to it. For each question, you will also get a clue on where the book can be. 

You can see the icon for the book when you are on that specific lue, otherwise it doesnt show. The icon is a magnifying glass

Here are all the questions and locations 

Question 1

Our ancestors used to think of the cosmos in an antiquated way. What way was that. 

The clue is: “The study of the Cosmos is generally done by the Arathi Mages. Only one survived when we made the trip to Hallowfall”. 

To answer this question you must get the book located in /way 48.75, 65.71 Palawltar´s Codex of Dimonesional Structure. It is on the bookshelf inside house in Beledar´s Bounty. Number 1 on the map image. 

The Answer is “That the Cosmos consisted of monopole elemental phase spaces”. 

Question 2

What are the cornerstones of Training an Imperial Lynx?

The clue is: We may train the lynxes here in Mereldar but we raise them with kindness. 

Head over to Dunelle´s Kindness, inside the stable. The book is on the ground to your right corner just when you enter. 

/way 69.35,43.99 Care and Feeding of the Imperial Lynx

The answer is: “Patience and respect”

Question 3

What should you do when Beledar shifts?

The clue is: While this is a common book in Hallowfall, you are most likely to find copes where the light needs to bloom. 

Head over to Light´s blooming and thn to Light´s blooming Keyflame. The book is inside the house at /way 64.21,28.11 Shadow Curfew Guidelines

The book is located on the table on the other side of the room. 

The answer is: “Seek shelter and light. Have plans, have backup plans. Find joy while sheltering. 

Question 4

Which fleet was dispatched to find Hallowfall?

The clue is: While there are many copies of this tale in Hallowfall, you may have luck when the light of the morning is broken. 

Head to the Dawnbreaker /way /way 56.56,65.16 Beledar - The Emperor´s Vision

The book is located inside the boat one stair up on the table. 

The Answer is: The Third Fleet

Question 5

What is scattered on the battlefield of Renilash?

The Clue is: In the Prophocies of Relinash, the Arathi form an Aegis against the encroaching darkness. Something we have emulated in Hallowfall. 

Head to The Aegis Wall /way 70.20,56.85 The Song of Renilash

The book is inside the tent furthest back. 

The Answer is: The remains of gods. 

Question 6

Where does the term Dunielle´s Kindness come from?

The Clue is: You will find yourself crossing to and fro across Hallowfall looking for this answer. 

Head to Lore´ls crossing inside the house and the book is located furthest back in the corner. 

/way 48.10,39.55 The Big Book of Arathi Idioms

The answer is: From the letters of Mereldar. 

Once all question are answered

There is a chest on the table next to Ryfus. That is the reward which contains the Toy Arathi Book Collection and 30 Resonance Crystal. 

22 Jun 2024