This fight has 3 phases and 2 intermissions.

Phase 1

  • Tank swap at 8 stacks of Dark Zeal.
  • Enter barrier when it spawns, and healers heal players to remove the barrier.
  • Spread when circle under you. Half raid gets dark circle with dark orb on head, other half get light circle with light orb on head. Find the opposite player debuff and run in to each other to remove the debuff. You have 25 sec or you die.
  • Approx half the raid stands on the black half circle frontal dmg boss does to enter the banished realm. Heal the 4 hope adds directly. Full nuke the big add and then nuke the small adds. You have 35 sec inside there. The more you kill/heal the more willpower you give Anduin which will result in him boosting you during intermission.
  • Stay spread and no one stands between player with arrow and boss. He will shoot 3 orbs on random players that bounces back to him. This does heavy dmg and 4 sec silence.

Intermission 1

  • Anduin in immune to dmg and Lich King spawns.
  • Anduin gives you extra dmg and extra defensive based on how much will power he got from phase 1.
  • Nuke adds when they spawn.
  • Tank swap directly after each Soul Reaper.
  • Healers beware of raid taking a stacking debuff in this intermission that does more and more dmg.

Phase 2

  • Same as phase 1 but no more circle/orb debuffs.
  • 2 more abilities added here:
    Boss puts dmg debuff on random players.
    Boss spawns 3 shadow adds, one in middle and 2 on the edge.
    Nuke them one by one.
    Have players that interrupt them when they cast Psychic Terror that does dmg over time and fears.

Intermission 2

  • Pop Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp when Lich King spawns. The dmg he takes goes to the boss.
  • Same as intermission 1, but you will also get walls of adds passing through the platform that you must avoid, or you die.

Phase 3

  • There is a circle in the middle. Move away from it until needed.
  • Boss puts debuff on all players, similar to phase 1 but only dark orb on head. No light orbs to remove it with.
    Instead: Spread when debuff comes, then players closest to circle runs in, this clears debuff and one extra random player´s debuff. Continue running in to remove debuffs until all are gone. Try to have 3 sec pauses if it is to much raid dmg (does raid dmg debuff that stacks when entering circle).
  • Orb spawns that bounce around platform instead of between player and boss. Dodge it.
  • Healers beware on this phase.


21 Feb 2022