Visual effect on Gear set obtained from outdoor gaming?

A new item is in the 10.1.7 database called Ambrosial Sporestone. This item is similar to two other items we have seen in Dragonflight, which are the Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone and the Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone. These items are rewards after completing atleast 1 of 3 a seasonal end game objectives. These are

  • Defeat the Seasonal end raid boss on mythic difficulty
  • Earn at least 2500 rating during the season.
  • Earn at least Elite rank during the season. 

Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone is for Dragonflight season 1.


Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone is for Dragonflight season 2. 


These two items will put a visual (glowing) effect on certain gear. The season 1 item puts visual effect on Vault of the Incarnates class set appearances. The season 2 items puts visual effect on certain Aberrus, the Shadowed crucible class set appearances. 

The newly added Ambrosial Sporetone will unlock visual effects for the Cavern Delver´s Gear set appearances. There are at the moment 6 different types of Cavern Delver´s Gear sets. All except one set can be obtained in the outdoor world. The one that cannot be obtained in the outdoor world is the Dawn of the Infinite set. 


So the question is, how will we get this item?

The other two pieces have been from an achievement that is not tied to outdoor. Also, the season 2 item is already out and we are still in season 2 when 10.1.7 goes live. This might be the first time we are getting a visual effect on gear set obtained from the outdoor gaming. 

My guess is that we have to complete the different outdoor events since the majority of these sets are tied to outdoor events. 

12 Aug 2023