Allied Races comes out in patch 7.4, not in 7.3.5

There are loads of datamining on allied races in patch 7.3.5:

  • Stormwind and orgrimmar have allied race embassies
  • Thunder Totem is the capital city for Highmountain
  • Nighthold is the capital city for Nightborn
  • Loads of stuff has come out for Nightborn, Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Drenei, Void Elves:
  • New customization options
  • Dressing room background
  • Mounts
  • Tabards
  • Heritage Armor

With all this out to the public players, the HYPE IS REAL!
Now, this is why it will not come out on 7.3.5

A “ .X ” patch, like 7.3 is based to be a bigger patch and a  “ .X.5 “ patch like 7.2.5, is based to be a minor patch update. We have so much coming out in 7.3.5.

  • New Timewalking Raid: Ulduar
  • Ulduar raid Achievements 10 and 25 player merged
  • New Level Scaling
  • More Bag space
  • New Interface to choose leveling content
  • Heirloom gear nerfed
  • Remade content: Silithus
  • New Storyline: Silithus
  • New battleground: Seething Shore
  • Tons of new Achievements
  • Tons of Achievements are remodeled

So, what I´m trying to say is, it is insane lot of stuff coming in this patch.

To implement new races in this patch as well, will make this patch even bigger than a “ .X “ patch.

Now, let´s look at some “evidence” on why it will not come in 7.3.5

  • There has been no testing at all regarding allied races in the PTR.
  • Allied races are not mentioned anywhere in wow´s original homepage, not even in ptr forum by development team.
  • The new splash screen for 7.3.5 doesn’t mention allied races at all. If it would, the fight picture that takes the majority of the splash screen would be for allied races. And yes, making scaling world is pretty big and new.

Based on the above mentioning’s, I belive that we will see allied races in a bigger patch update which will be 7.4.

30 Dec 2017