All ways to Farm reputation with Soridormi and Rewards

Soridormi is the new quest faction in patch 10.1.5 tied to the Time Rifts. 

Where is Soridormi

She is located mainly in the Time Rift event in Thaldraszus and in charge of the Time Rift event. 


All ways to get reputation with Soridormi

Remember, that this is data based on how it looks on the PTR. 


The Time Rift event is up every hour of the full hour. The Time Rift event is divided in two stages. Stage one is to complete a maximum of 10 objectives with 8 minutes. If you are done with the objectives, you will kill mobs as a final objective until stage 2 starts. When stage two starts, you will enter a portal in the center of the event and kill a boss in that alternative world. There are 7 alternative worlds in total which means 7 bosses in total. Each hour, when a new event starts, you will get a new boss on stage 2. 

Stage 1

  • You get 1 reputation for each mob kill when doing an objective in the Time Rift. 
  • You get 20 reputation for completing every 2nd objective in the time rift and there are 10 objectives in total. Meaning 100 reputation in total for a full stage one of an event. 
  • There is a progress bar where you and all other players gather essence together. The max is 7500 Essence divided in 3 ranks of rewards. 
    - After 2500 essences totally gathered, you will be rewarded with a "common" Box of Tampered Reality. This box rewards 10 reputation (will probably change on live).
    - After  5000 essences  totally gathered, you will be rewarded with a "rare" Box of Volatile Reality. 
    - After  7500 essences  totally gathered, you will be rewarded with a "rare" Box of Collapsed Reality. 

Stage 2

  • Killing a boss rewards 170 reputation with Soridormi. 
    There are 7 bosses with an hourly rotation. 
    You can earn reputation from killing the same boss again (at the moment in PTR).  

Weekly Quest

There is a weekly quest that you get from Soridormi, called "When time needs mending". This quest rewards an item called "Contained Paracausality" which contains:

- 1800 reputation with Soridormi

- 1920 Paracausal Flakes

- 1 Drake Shadowflame Crest

- 1 Diluted Time Caspule. 

- 323 Gold



At the moment, there is one daily quest there. Here is the location. 

  • This daily quest rewards 30 reputation and 70 Paracausal Flakes. 


Soridormi reputation is divided in 5 ranks. These are:

Anomaly Rank 1  
Future Friend Rank 2 0-7000
Rift-Mender Rank 3 7000-14000
Timewalker Rank 4 14000-24000
Legend of the Multiverse Rank 5 24000 - 42000

To reach rank 2 you need 7000 reputation. 

To reach rank 3 you need 7000 reputation.

To reach rank 4 you need 10 000 reputation.

To reach rank 5 you need 18 000 reputation.

Reaching Rank 2

Soridormi Consider you a Future Friend. 

You get a quest called "A Forseeable Friendship".

This rewards 100 Paracausal Flakes and a toy, Minute Glass. With this toy, a new UI pops up, where you will choose a timer 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour for an Hourglass. 

An hourglass toy is summoned for that amount of time. 



Soridormi Consider you a Rift-Mender. 

You get a quest called "A Recognition of Skill".

This rewards Paracausal Flakes and an Ensemble: Rift-Mender´s Vestments transmog. 






Soridormi Consider you a Timewalker. 

You get a quest called "One of us".

This rewards an called "Greater Encapsulated Destiny". Using this item will guarantee a a mount or a battle pet when completing a Time Rift. This item is a "one-time use"





Soridormi Consider you a Legend of the Multiverse. 

You get the title "Unparallelled"
You also get a cache that contains a random item from the Rift vendors. 


9 Jun 2023