All Locations of Buried Satchels - Secrets of Azeroth

There are hidden Buried Satchels all over Azeroth and beyond during the Secrets of Azeroth event. The locations of them comes from clues that Warcraft Community Managers are hiding in their posts. These can be on images in articles or on different social media platforms. 

The Buried Satchels are tied to two achievements:

- Community Rumors
Find 5 Buried Satchels usind rumors from around the community. 

This rewards Blue Tweed Cap transmog. 


- Community Rumor Mill
Find 10 Buried Satchels usind rumors from around the community.

This rewards a pet, Tobias. 

Thanks to the Warcraft Secret Discord Community, these have been found and shared. Big shouout to them. 

Satchel 1- Location

The first one is located in Felwood. 
The coords are 42.1, 48.2 in the water. 

Satchel 2 - Location

The second one is located in Thousand Needles, inside a cave. 
Cave coord: 43.8 37.2 
Satchel: 42.5 30.3

Satchel 3 - Location

The Third one is located in Eastern Pleaguelands.
The coords are 55.1, 59.2. 

Satchel 4 - Location

The fourth one is located in Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor. 
The coords are 35.5, 49.2

Satchel 5 - Location

The fifth one ios located in Netherstorm in Outland. 
The coords are 26.22,68.56.
You need 3 players to stand next to each red floating stones. 
Also, each player needs the toy Torch of Pyrreth, that you get from the questline Secrets of Azeroth day 4, check guide here:

Satchel 6 - Location

This one os located inside the mouth of the Modu Statue in Valley of the four Winds in Pandaria. 
The coords are 56.9,21.5

Satchel 7 - Location


4 Sep 2023