8.3 FULL STARTER GUIDE PART 3 – Mythic plus Season 4

A new season is coming out some weeks after 8.3 is live and there are some changes from previous season.

Reward up to +15

The reward will scale up to +15 key instead of +10 key.

Meaning, the highest ilvl gear you can get is from a +15 key.

The +15 ilvl reward will be 465 ilvl from the chest in the end of the dungeon.

The +15 ilvl reward will be 475 ilvl from the weekly chest at.

The scaling of ilvl between key difficulties is not known yet.

Titanforged and Warforged are removed in 8.3 so you will not have a chance on an increased ilvl.  Instead, it can be corrupted.

Season 4 Keystone Master Achievement – Account Wide

You can now complete the key on +15 difficulty Mythic plus dungeons on any of your characters and it will still count for the achievement.

This makes the achievement an account wide progress instead of per character progress.

Mechagon Mythic plus

The Mechagon dungeon that came out in patch 8.2 will now also be a mythic plus dungeon.

This dungeon will be divided in upper and lower mechagon in the list for the Keystone Master – season 4. Similar to Karazhan, we will have an upper and lower mytchic plus of Mechagon. 

New Affix – Corrupted

This new affix will be added once you do a +10 or higher keystone difficulty.

The corrupted affix will place 4 corrupted pillars in the dungeon.

When you stand close to it and click on it, you port to the realm of N´zoth. You will still be in the dungeon, but it is now darker. No enemies in the normal realm can see you.

In that realm, there will be 1 out of 4 different mini bosses. The position you kill it, will become a portal to port to the normal realm again. Meaning, you can kite the miniboss and kill it where you want to zone back in.

If you do not kill all 4 mini bosses before attacking the last boss, the remaining mini bosses will spawn to the last boss and you have to attack them at the same time.

The 4 mini bosses are:

Cursed Spire - Voidweaver Mal'thir

Spawns many small scarabs that explodes when they die and do dmg to players.
Slows players movement and casting speed.

Entropic Spire - Samh'rek, Beckoner of Chaos

Puts debuffs on random players. Any player close to debuffed player gets feared.

Spawns adds.

Defiled Spire - Blood of the Corruptor

Puts purple pools on the ground under players that does dmg.

Spawns tentacles

Brutal Spire - Urg'roth, Breaker of Heroes

Puts a tank debuff that increase dmg taken.

Puts big a big corruption pool on the ground with blob adds.
The pool does dmg when boss casts fury. The blobs puts slow effect around them.

Timer expires – get a buff

When the time is up, you can now get a buff that increase your dmg and healing for 20%.

You get this buff by interacting with a fish called Voice of the Corruptor.

10 Dec 2019