Patch 6.2.3 releases 17/11 US and 18/11 EU

You read that title and yes it is not 100% stated yet. This is my prediction and I´ll tell you why 

Not only that I´ve been right EVERYTIME I´ve predict the release dates of patches (/flex) but also because the theory holds:

This means that Patch 6.2.3 will come out either 17/11 (18th  EU) or 24/11 (25th EU). Now, check out all the cool things we will see in this patch:

New Timewalking Dungeons

At the moment we have Timewalking dungeons from The burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich king. On patch 6.2.3, we will be able to experience six Timewalking dungeons from Cataclysm which will be

  • Grim Batol
  • Stonecore
  • Lost City of Tol’vir
  • The Vortex Pinnacle
  • Throne of Tides
  • End Time

Also, 1 more dungeon will be added in The Burning Crusade Event

  • Magister´s Terrace

Also, 1 more dungeon will be added in Wrath of The Lich King Event

  • Pit of Sarron

Lootable Mount in Timewalking Dungoen Event

Players will now have a chance to loot a rare Infinite Timereaver mount from any Timewalking boss.

Mythic Raiding: Now Cross Realm

This will be introduced in 6.2.3 because blizzard want to give the players the opportunity to fill up their raids easier by inviting frends/pugs to fill up the missing slots so they can do Mythic Raiding.

Valor Points is back!

The Valor currency will also be back in 6.2.3 in which palyers can earn from

  • Heoric Dungoens
  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Various Bonus Events
  • Raid Finder (first run)

For Valor points, players can upgrade the item lvl (ilvl) on their gear 2 times (5 + 5 ivlv).

You will be able to upgrade your ilvl with valor points by talking to the NPC next to the transmog and void storage NPCs.

For a limited time: Majestic Groove Warden Mount

Players that kill Archimonde on Heroic or Mythic difficulty will be rewarded with a quest that leads to the awesome Groove Warden Mount as quest reward.

The time Limit to achieve this mount will be from the start of patch 6.2.3 until “some time” before Legion´s launch.

725 ilvl gear and Heirloom on Mythic Dungeons

There will be a chance on getting items with item level up to 725 when doing Mythic Dungeons.

Players in Mythic Dungeons will also now have a chance to loot a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale to level 110. Notice the ilvl (715) at lvl 100. 

Tanaan Jungle Baleful gear upgrade

The Baleful gear will now have a chance to become 695 directly, so you don’t need to buy the upgrade for 20 000 Apexis Crystals.

PvP Arena Season 3

The Warlords Arena Season 2 will come to an end and transition to season 3.

Valor Points 6.2.3 Guide

In the next patch (6.2.3), Blizzard will introduce the Valor point System again. For the players that haven’t any idea of what Valor is, well, think of it as a currency to buy stuff for. Like any other currency in the game, but of course, you earn them in another way and use them on something else.

You use Valor points to upgrade your gear item level (gear from HFC, Baleful and crafting items), and you can upgrade them two times with 5 ilvl each time with a cost of 250 Valor points per time.

To fully upgrade your gear, if it falls into the category for being upgraded, you need:

  • 7000 Valor Points if you have a 2-hand weapon and legendary ring
  • 7500 Valor Points if you have two 1-hand weapons and legendary ring
  • 7500 Valor Points if you have 2-hand weapon and no legendary ring
  • 8000 Valor Points if you have two 1-hand weapons and no legendary ring

There is no cap on how much Valor points you can earn, but there is limit of how much you can earn per week. You can earn Valor pints from following:

  • Mythic Dungeon (Valor awarded with dungeon completion, once per dungeon per week) – 300 Valor Points
  • Complete the weekly Event quest from Seer Kazal (Pet Battle Event excluded) – 500 Valor Points
  • Heroic Dungeon (complete your first random Heroic of the day) – 100 Valor Points
  • Raid Finder wing (once per week per wing) – 150 Valor Points for Hellfire Citadel wings, 75 Valor Points for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry wings

So, let us do some minor calculations of how much you can earn as most each week:

So, let us do some minor calculations of how much you can earn as most each week:

2400 Valor (300x8 Mythic Dungeons / week)
+ 500 Valor (Weekly Event quest)
+ 700 Valor (100x7 Heroic Dungeon, once per day)
+ 1275 Valor (75x3 HM + 75x4 BRF + 150x5 HFC)

In total you can earn 4875 Valor Points each week except when it´s pet battle event, then you will earn4375 Valor points instead, since the pet battle even is not included. The reason for that is because pet battling are account wide.


If we look at the total Valor points needed for full gear upgrade and the total amount of Valor earned per week, we can clearly say that you need 2 weeks to upgrade all you gear (if you do everything to get max Valor point each week).

13 Nov 2015