6.2.2: Extra area in Tanaan Jungle for players that can fly

The patch update 6.2.2 will let players have the ability to fly in Draenor. But you need the achievement “The Pathfinder” to be able to fly in Draenor. Click here to see my Guide how to obtain it.

Because we now can fly, we can fly over the big broken portal and see what´s behind. We have been there once, when we first entered Draenor but now we can come back.

So what is on the other side of the broken portal.

* We have a new mini content with 3 new Rare Spawns.
* Looks like we will have daily quests in that area.
* Looks like there is a new area for Bonus Objective “Assault on Umbral”

3 new Rare Spawns

This is were you will find the new rare creatures.

Smashum Grabb

Cords: 82.79, 53.02


Cords: 80.37, 56.82


Cords: 83.56, 43.79


Bonus Objective "Assault on Umbral"

Umbrall Halls, sealed at the moment

However, on minimap you can see how it looks inside.


31 Jul 2015